PS 4 Slim
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If you thought for just one second that Swappa is a marketplace for only smartphones, tablets, wearables, cameras, or laptops, think again! The thing is that the guys over at Swappa managed to make a name for themselves because of two important aspects: 1. they have a strict “no junk” policy. This means that stuff listed on their website is strictly scrutinized so that what you pay for is what you get. 2. they have the lowest fees in the industry, so that you pay as little as possible when you grab something off of their listing.

Games and game consoles are something they also do. With the holiday season around the corner whether it’s for you, for your kids, or friends, you can grab great hardware and software for awesome prices. Main categories include Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Play Station Vita, Retro, or Xbox One. You can easily grab an Xbox One S starting $160, Xbox One at $130, or PlayStation 4 at $212. This also includes games which start as low as $15, depending on the game and platform of your choice.

The good thing is that you are benefitting from their “no junk” policy, and that you’re sure what you pay for is what you are getting. Head over to Swappa and grab whatever game console or games you’re missing from your library, or what you want to surprise your love ones with for the holiday season.


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