Confusing HTC 10 Lifestyle is confusing: now listed with Snapdragon 820 in India

The age of mini-flagship Android phones might be over, with no diminutive Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 launched last year, but downgrading hero devices for price-lowering and emerging market-targeting purposes remains a thing. Or does it?

Well, that LG G5 SE looks to be nothing more than a Snapdragon 652 take on the standard high-ender for Latin America, and similarly, the HTC 10 Lifestyle was believed to be heading to India and a couple other Eastern territories with a slower chip than the SD820 and “only” 3GB RAM.

But after HTC essentially confirmed the story, it quickly and bizarrely reconsidered, switching back the specifications of the purportedly downgraded HTC 10 Lifestyle on its regional Indian website. Instead of an SD652 SoC, the handheld is again said to pack Snapdragon 820 power, and the 3 gigs of memory are bumped up to a full 4, paired with either 32 or 64GB internal storage.

Before speed addicts residing in India start their celebratory dance, we should stress nothing’s really certain at this point. And while it makes sense for the country to get its own “true” flagship, why call it differently in the first place? What makes the HTC 10 Lifestyle a “Lifestyle” phone if it carries the exact same specs as non-Lifestyle variants?

Guess all we can do is wait for HTC to make up its mind, and share with us the final HTC 10 Lifestyle configuration. Also, pricing, that’s equally if not more important in a budget-focused land like India.

Source: HTC India
Via: GSMArena

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