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They’re wireless, effortless, magical, and… you’ll most likely struggle keeping them on or not losing them as you eventually forget to store them in their snug, smart charging case after each use.

They’re Apple’s highly controversial new AirPods, available in white only starting late October at an excessive $159 a pair stateside. Aimed at “forever changing the way you use headphones”, the super-tiny, 4 gram-each earbuds would have probably not received so much flak from iFans and iHaters alike if the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still featured traditional 3.5mm audio jacks.

This way unfortunately, you either have to share the Lightning port between wired headphones and chargers, or go the cable-free, seemingly hassle-free music route. But late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien and the always technology-loving (and lampooning) Team Coco over at basic cable station TBS hilariously circle back to the thing that’s been on your mind since the AirPods were announced.

How are you going to be able to freely move, run or dance without fearing the $160 audio accessories will fall out of your ears? It’s simple – you won’t, and if something happens to the AirPods, like, say, a stray dog swallows them, there’s little to do but buy new ones. Apple’s sure going to love that. Jokes aside, this isn’t a huge problem, at least based on what early reviews suggest. The parody, inspired by a series of iconic iPod commercials, is however still pretty great.

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