Complete Samsung Galaxy S8 handbook crops up at the last minute to fill in the blanks

We know you must have grown tired of all the Galaxy S8 information spills by now, and you probably just want the whole thing to be over already, but allow us to squeeze one final leak into your lives before the actual Unpacked event kicks off later today in New York and London simultaneously.

It’s a biggie, mind you, and although it mainly rehashes features, specifications and capabilities that haven’t been a secret for a long time, it also adds some fresh details to the mix. The complete Samsung Galaxy S8 handbook was uploaded to the company’s official download center, where it’s password-protected now, revealing among others exactly how Bixby will enrich your “intelligent life.”

You can check out setup instructions at the source link below, as well as discover how the voice assistant takes commands and interacts with users, including a neat little function called “Hello Bixby” that serves up “frequently updated content in one place”, plus Bixby Vision, an image search feature looking mighty helpful on paper.

The exhaustive user guide also confirms and describes iris recognition technology, Infinity Display marketing, that divisive rear-fitted fingerprint sensor, exciting face-scanning functionality, and Samsung DeX mode for seamless computer convertibility.

Bluetooth Dual audio is worth a bit of attention too, letting you stream music from one Galaxy S8 or S8+ unit to a pair of wireless headsets or speakers simultaneously. Then there’s IP68 water resistance, of course, microSD card support, Samsung Cloud access, Samsung Connect capabilities for easy control and management of TVs, home appliances and IoT products, a “smart” Auto Focus front camera, Samsung Pay, Always On Display, Multi window, and Edge screen functions. So, yeah, it’s all there for the world to see hours ahead of the formal announcement.

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