A weird cellular marriage between cable competitors Comcast and Verizon

Comcast may have stomped all over T-Mobile’s begging for an acquisition with this move, but it’s a weird one, indeed.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in the Q3 company’s earnings call that he is ready to act upon a three-year-old agreement with Verizon to set up as an MVNO using the latter’s network. Test runs are scheduled after a required six-month waiting period. Where we are in that time frame is unknown.

The 2011 agreement, in which Comcast gave Verizon spectrum, also allowed the Philadelphia-based telco the right to resell Verizon Wireless service on its cable packages. Comcast has been acting on that clause.

Comcast also has a spectrum rent agreement with Sprint, but it’s gone unused.

The company is also “likely to participate” in the FCC 600MHz spectrum auction next year, Roberts said.

Source: Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal
Via: The Verge, FierceWireless

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