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Comcast-owned Xfinity Mobile has launched new data plans that offer free access to its 5G network without any additional charge. The new data plans with free 5G service offer the flexibility of choosing between per gig and unlimited data structure.

All existing Xfinity Mobile customers can either opt for the unlimited plan priced at $45 per month, or go with the per GB plans that will set you back by $15 for 1 GB, $30 for 3 GB, and $60 for 10GB data per line. It must be noted that Xfinity Mobile currently offers only two 5G-ready phones (Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra), but has promised to add more devices soon.

Xfinity Mobile’s 5G service is currently available across 34 major US cities that include 5G service Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Memphis, Miami, and Washington. And since Xfinity Mobile’s cellular services use Verizon’s network, customers will get access to the faster mmWave 5G band.

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