Which color OnePlus 6T is your favorite?

As humans, we tend to want what we can’t get. It’s just our nature. We can’t and won’t go into the psychology of it, but, instead, we’ll just surrender to the idea. Beyond the fact that the OnePlus 6T is a very attractive phone, offering the same, or, sometimes, even more than what others offer for the same price tag, there’s also the choice of what color is it that we really want.

The color OnePlus6T of our choice is currently limited to Mirror Black and Midnight Black. Of course we fancy the Thunder Purple available just for China. It’s what we can’t easily get! But think about it for a second. A White and a Red OnePlus 6T might be coming soon. No, we don’t know for sure, but we’re looking at the past to kind of predict the future.

OnePlus is in the business of selling phones. They’ve been doing the same thing in the past. Different color options have been added to the roster, in order to make the offer sweeter. It’s the lipstick. And, they’re right, we can’t resist a sexy phone that comes in an attractive color. So, if you’re wondering about the OnePlus 6T, but the two black versions currently available are not really to your liking, hang back! Chances are there will be a color OnePlus 6T arriving that will blow your socks off!

But, that being said: Which color OnePlus 6T is your favorite?

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