Huge collection of Martian smartwatches and smart jewelry debuts at CES 2016

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has probably been one of the most diverse tech expos in recent memory, with participant companies equally interested in now traditional smartphones and tablets, as well as ingenious new wearables, virtual reality devices, and the fast-growing Internet of Things industry.

Still, strictly from a quantity standpoint, the CES 2016 focus is on smartwatches, fitness trackers and especially gadgets that don’t draw a line between the two classes, like the Fitbit Blaze, Withings Go, Mio Slice, Fossil Q54 Pilot, and a couple of fresh hybrids manufactured by Martian Watches.

Martian is a surprisingly little known American brand founded in 2007, which currently sells the Notifier, possibly the cheapest analog smartwatch on Amazon. Of course, that wasn’t the case off the bat, and the just-introduced Kindred vip and mVoice aren’t exactly what you’d call affordable.

The two will roll out in the summer starting at $195 and $295 respectively, their common claim to fame being dual battery features. What that means is you get standard two-year analog cells for merely telling the time and whatnot, plus separate lithium juicers rated at between one and three weeks that keep the “smart” lights on.

The Martian Kindred vip lasts longer between “intelligent” charges, targets women with a 38mm round diameter and snazzy coats of paint, and pushes customized smartphone notifications via a discreet LED light located at the 6 o’clock position on the device’s side.

You also get accelerometer-enabled step and sleep tracking functions, water resistance, as well as optional Italian leather straps and stainless steel bracelets.

The pricier Martian mVoice stands out with a manlier design, always-on display, and above all, directional speaker and noise-canceling microphone for access to your handheld’s voice command. You can receive spoken responses straight on your wrist, place calls, send emails, listen and respond to messages, and search the web via your voice.

But wait, there’s more. A Kindred vip “smart jewelry” line, Kindred vip CL and SP series for business and sporty looks, plus mVoice PT and AE Series arousing nostalgia with a retro design, and upping the modern smartwatch features ante respectively. Is there such a thing as too many options?

Source: PR Newswire

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