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How Cogito builds a connected watch without a rechargeable battery (Video)

By Stephen Schenck March 4, 2015, 1:08 pm

Whether we’re talking full-blown smartwatch or dainty little fitness tracker, users of wearables everywhere find themselves dealing with the consequences of battery life. You may recharge your watch every day, or your workout band every week, but sooner or later they’re going to need new juice. Maker of connected watches Cogito has decided to try something a little different, and at MWC this week we stopped by its booth to learn about what to expect from a non-rechargeable smartwatch.

Cogito’s watches connect to Android and iOS phones over Bluetooth, and are much more products in the vein of the Martian Notifier than Android Wear models, displaying notification icons on their LCD displays and relaying sensor data back to your phone. But unlike Martian’s rechargeable model, Cogito’s wearables use a replaceable watch battery that means instead of recharging every few days, you simply replace it a couple times a year.

That leads to some trade-offs in terms of feature set, but is the convenience worth it? Take a look for yourself and see if this is a type of wearable you might want to start considering:

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