One of the most frustrating problems about today’s smartwatches is that once their batteries run out, they’re pretty much useless. The biggest challenge that most of these companies face, is being able to give you a smartwatch that lasts for days, or even months. Charging these can also be a challenge, as not all mechanisms are either practical, or durable.

All this said, what if a company approached things differently and focused on giving you a smartwatch that you wouldn’t have to recharge? Hong Kong-based Cogito is one of the few companies with a solution to that problem, but you bet there’s a catch. Cogito’s offerings have been around for a couple of years, and some even winning CES innovation awards in 2014, but it wasn’t until we flew to Barcelona that I had a chance to give its products a try. For me the idea of having a smartwatch that I wouldn’t have to recharge was cool enough, and after testing it for a few days, here are our impressions in the following video.

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