Video: Co0kie’s Sense 2.5 Home Tab Mod 1.7 (Rocks!)

Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod for HTC Sense 2.5 has been a huge hit over the past couple of months, so it’s not surprising to see users excited, yet again, for another update. This time, the mod has reached version 1.7 and brings incredible new features to the table. Believe it or not, Co0kieMonster and his team have found a way to take the mod to a new level of customization.

There’s now a customizable lock screen with parts of Sense nicely integrated. Items on the Home tab can be moved around/customized and the Home Tab Editor has been redone with more options. Check out the video and change log below, then visit XDA-developers to download the easily installable CAB files for Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod and johncmolyneux’s CHTEditor.

Changes in Version 1.7:

-(new) move, add, remove and customize home tab items

-(new) 6 clock layouts (including analog) for lock and home screens

-(new) able to show 2 or 3 quick links rows in main view

-(new) notification bar (2 styles) with missed calls, sms and email icons

-(new) customizable lockscreen with 3 unlock slider choices (Manila, WM6.5, HD Mini styles)

-(new) more than 3 quick links pages (3×3 gets up to 6 pages, 4×4 – 5, 4×5 – 4, and 5×5 is limited to 3)

-(new) retractable slider

-(new) parameter support for button program links

-(new) automatic VGA mode detection

-(new) added voicemail notification button

-(changed) position of more appointments indicator arrow

-(changed) adjusted 3×3 quick links layout

-(fixed) exchange policies related issue

-(fixed) bug with appointment range set to 1

-(fixed) miscellaneous smaller bugs

-(updated) CHTEditor with new menus for 1.7

Note: this mod is only compatible with HTC Sense 2.5

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