A pleasant surprise for Windows Mobile 6.5 enthusiasts popped up on XDA-developers today, Co0kie’s Home Tab Mod 2.0 beta! Unless you use a different operating system or have been living under a rock for a while, you know that CHT modifies HTC Sense 2.5 into something that is more functional and customizable. The previous version of CHT was 1.8.5, but 2.0 beta, yet again, takes Sense to a whole new level. Seriously, how does Co0kieMonster keep improving what is already a robust mod?

What’s new? Well, now the entire home screen, not just the quick links area, can be swiped to 7 different pages. Of course, these pages can be completely customized with default/custom quick links and widgets (separate layouts for portrait, landscape, and lock screen). There are some new widgets too: email, sms, RSS, weather, clocks (digital, flip and analog). One of the biggest changes is the bottom area of the home screen. We now have a custom menu bar at the bottom that can be configured with different default/custom keys. Don’t worry, the traditional slider can be integrated with this bar (tap/hold menu key to reveal slider) or the custom menu bar can be disabled all together if you prefer. There is also the inclusion of an add-on widget framework, which allows users to create and install their own widgets.

Check out the screen shots below and go over the change log at the bottom of this post. I should warn you, this is simply a beta, so there will be bugs (stability issues). If you’re not one to enjoy experimenting with beta software, you may want to wait until 2.0 final is out. Grab CHT 2.0 Beta from XDA-developers, and don’t forget to pick up the updated CHTEditor as well. Be sure to read all requirements and warnings.





New Features:

– left/right sliding pages configurable from 1 to 7 pages (separately configurable for portrait, landscape and lockscreen)

– redesigned softkey area, bottom menu and tab slider (tap and hold the slider button, don’t just tap and release)

– quick links can be configured in any row by column layout

– new links that can be freely moved anywhere on the screen (free links – add from popup menu)

– free links have a slide-to-launch feature on the lockscreen

– more widgets: email, sms, RSS, weather, clocks (digital, flip and analog)

– addon widget framework: widgets can be made by anyone and installed as an addon cab

– widgets can be pinned into place and some can be freely resized

Note: this is a beta of CHT 2.0, so be aware that you may experience some bugs. Follow all directions on the XDA thread (report bugs there too).

(via: XDA-developers)

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