This might be it: clear, credible Galaxy Note 8 renders showcase every nook and cranny

Dark and mysterious factory CAD-based images and 360-degree videos are nice and all, but there’s nothing quite like high-resolution, high-quality renders with wallpapers and the whole shebang to get us through the tense waiting period just before the announcement of a tier 1 flagship smartphone.

Enter a bunch of new Galaxy Note 8 “mockups based on genuine details and schematics that have leaked from the factory”, created by a third-party manufacturer of mobile device accessories. Namely, Ghostek, which may not be exactly the most reliable source of inside information in the industry, with the most extensive track record, nonetheless offering a sneak peek back in January at a partial Galaxy S8 design that proved extremely close to the real deal.

Bottom line, this potential Note 8 look isn’t 100 percent etched in stone, but it’s likely at least largely legit. You can probably bet the farm on the already oft-rumored dual rear camera setup with a horizontal orientation, for instance, alongside an LED Flash/heart rate monitor combo and another awkwardly positioned fingerprint reader.

A decently slim but far from anorexic profile, the usual S Pen slot, USB Type-C port, traditional headphone jack, volume rocker, lateral power button and dedicated Bixby key are also pretty much guaranteed.

Perhaps most importantly, these artistic representations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should put big-bezel fears to rest while featuring more rounded display corners than previously expected. They’re still not as curvy as the Galaxy S8’s edges, but they’re close. The question is do you want this to be so similar to the GS8+?

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