Cingular Flip Phone Review: Can You Go Back to a ‘Dumb’ Phone? (Video)

How are flip phones still a thing? Well, in a number of Asian markets, they’ve adapted to new trends and customer standards by running the latest versions of Android, packing modern high-end processors and generous RAM counts, and even sporting relatively sharp touchscreens in addition to vintage T9 keyboards.

Meanwhile, back in the US, AT&T GoPhone prepaid users can get the ultra-rudimentary Cingular Flip in exchange for $59.99. This “dumb” little clamshell device was able to replace its smarter counterparts as the daily driver of Pocketnow senior editor Juan Bagnell for, well, one day, lacking everything but the absolute basics of voice communication.

No touch interaction, very few pre-loaded apps with no easy way to add more, a pretty dreadful 2MP camera in tow, limited 3G connectivity, though on the bright side, all the drawbacks and blasts from the past help the battery supposedly last up to 22 days (!!!) between charges. Also, that microSD card slot not included on iPhones or Google Pixels lets you save a maximum of 32GB of… music and grainy photos here.

Bottom line, maybe there’s a good reason primitive flip phones are alive in a world filled with octa-core this, Quad HD that, even if they’re definitely not daily driver material for folks like Juan.

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