Earlier this year, we put out a little test run on the Cingular Flip phone from AT&T. For one thing, phew, that old brand has come up again. For another, it’s a flip phone in 2017 — and only in reserved cases does it get anyone through an active lifestyle.

But halfway into the year and we’re throwing back with twists in our toss. Verizon launched its first LTE-only clapper just a couple of weeks ago. T-Mobile, meanwhile, picked up the Alcatel Go Flip — an old-fashioned device — for a somewhat hefty $75 (though it can be financed over a down payment and 24 monthly payments of $3.

AT&T has now tied everything together with a rebranded version of the Go Flip, turning it into the Cingular Flip 2. No more Alcatel logos, it’s the Death Star for all of us. It has HD Voice through LTE as well as all the typical GSM support, a T9 keyboard and the above specifications. And it’s available for $59.99, just outright.

You can grab one yourself by clicking below on the source link.

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