Why do we have to call everything that isn’t “smart,” dumb (guilty as charged, by the way)? Smartphones? Dumbphones. Smartwatches? Dumbwatches. They are so stupid. All they’re obsessed with is time, time, time. But with today’s selection of smartwatches, there’s quite the stratification of … education levels that prospective buyers can choose from. But if you think that Android Wear, Pebble and even the likes of Martian and Runcible are overkill, get ready to longingly look at your dumbwatch.

chronos-discChronos from Chronos Wearables is a 3mm-thick stainless steel disc that can latch onto the backs of circular watch cases with a 31mm or larger diameter without glue or magnets. Inside, there’s Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, an accelerometer, a haptic motor and a nifty rim filled with notification LEDs. You can use an unspecified wireless charging standard to fill the battery to the brim in 30 minutes and then blast off for 36 hours. It’s also IP67 water-resistant.

With all that goodness packed into a coin, what will you get out of a Chronos, sans screen and with the companion app for iOS (and Android, coming soon)?

chronos-on-watchNotifications, of course — coded with LED colors and vibration patterns, with a total of 56 possible combinations from debut. You can also track your exercise and control your phone with gestures, too. Funny how an accelerometer can help out with so much.

Pre-orders are up with one Chronos costing $99 and two at $189, both undercutting MSRP. Chronos Wearables is also doing bundles with Elliot Havok and COURG watches, too.

First boxes head out of factory in the spring.

Source: Chronos
Via: Yahoo! News

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