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Here’s why you can’t control Chromecast volume via your Android 12 phone

By Sanuj Bhatia November 3, 2021, 3:45 am
android 12 chromecast

Google started rolling out Android 12 to its Pixel devices last month. It’s also been one month since the Android 12 stable code was uploaded to AOSP, so OEMs might be rolling out their own Android 12 version soon. But, there’s one thing you need to know about Android 12 before you upgrade your device to the latest version, specifically, if you use Chromecast a lot.

chromecast volume control on android 12

Many users after upgrading to Android 12 have raised an issue saying that the volume buttons of their phone can’t control the volume of the Chromecast device they’re streaming to. Google has now clarified that it is not a bug or an issue, rather it’s an intentional move. According to a Google official on the IssueTracker (via Mishaal Rahman on Twitter) thread, the company has a “legal issue” that prevents it from adding Chromecast volume control via phone on Android 12.

The company’s personnel doesn’t specifically tell what the legal issue is, but it seems like that the issue is somewhat related to infringing patents of audio company Sonos.

android 12.1 L chromecast volume fix

Thankfully, soon after the thread went viral, the same spokesperson notified that Google has worked on a workaround and the feature will be available on Android 12L — referred to as Android 12.1 on IssueTracker. Android 12L was announced a few days ago is expected to arrive in Spring for Pixel devices. But until then, if you use Chromecast on your Android 12 device and rely on volume controls of your smartphone, you may need to stay away from the software update. Though you can still use the “Device controls” quick settings tile available on Android 12 for controlling the volume level of your Chromecast.

Via: 9to5Google

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