Lenovo’s Chrome OS Yoga Book claimed dead

Some compelling news coming out of the code repositories this week. We learned the supposed codenames of the next Pixel phones, now it’s time to unveil the end of something that never actually begun.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book came to be at IFA 2016 in Windows and Android versions with a fully-capacitive “halo” keyboard and Intel power inside. The company explicitly told us to expect a version with Chrome OS soon.

Developing for a capacitive keyboard with a word suggestion interface poses one challenge out of many for Chrome OS as it’s on a fairly stiff population of devices. A trail of characters has been coming down in the Chromium gerrit with mentions of “Pbody,” which many believe to be the Yoga Book with Chrome.

However, that trail seems to have ended with one bugfix and one cached commit that has since been parsed down:

This works on my Pbody. I know Pbody is dead, but we should merge this patch in anyway so we don’t have to solve this issue again if we ever use touch_keyboard again.

Another commit affirms the death of “Pbody”:

As there’s no need on building Pbody release, removing the builder.

Chrome Unboxed spotted these logs and figured that even with a cool and novel design, the Yoga Book is just too impractical for consumers to call for it. Perhaps we’ll see a Yoga Book 2 with a better “halo” keyboard that isn’t scratch-prone and foreign-feeling. But at least we have some leeway for a capacitive keyboard on Chrome OS now — just gotta wait until a manufacturer guns for it.

Of course, we’ll want to hear from Lenovo before we officially stick a fork in this project.

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