How to choose the right headphones for you (video)

Audio is a mission critical feature for many smartphone consumers. Listening to music, podcasts, movie and game audio, or simply taking phone calls, good audio hardware can make a huge difference in how you might enjoy those various audio activities. While we’re looking to cover the audio hardware in our phones with more in depth testing, it’s also important to look at what audio devices you’re connecting to your phone. Picking a good pair of ear buds can be almost as important as selecting which phone will drive those ear buds.

Headphones are an incredibly personal purchase. What one person might enjoy, another person will hate. Some people are looking to jazz up their favorite club tracks, other people are hoping for the most accurate audio profile for classical music, and some people just want to rumble their skulls on punchy in game sound effects. While there is no such thing as a “best” pair of earbuds or cans, we can at least discuss some aspects of headphone design which might help someone make a purchasing decision. On ear, over ear, in ear? Closed back or open back cans? Frequency response? Impedance? One video can’t provide a comprehensive audio education, but this can start off a conversation. Here’s some info to start you on your journey through the magical land of headphone solutions.

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