When we’re looking at the biggest smartphone brands around, it’s almost not even worth paying attention to the top two: Samsung dominates the market, and Apple’s got itself a reasonably comfortable second-place spot. But move a little further down the list, and the fight starts getting interesting. Huawei’s been a distant third for a while now, but could the company ever get to the point where Apple needs to be worried? And while Xiaomi and Lenovo filled out the top five last time we looked, will their fortunes hold? The latest global shipment figures are out, and they show some big shake-ups among Chinese smartphone brands.

Huawei’s still in third, but over the course of the past year its share has risen from 5.2% to 8.2% – still way behind Apple’s 15.3%, but closing in on striking distance.

Our next two spots, though, are an entirely new game: Xiaomi and Lenovo didn’t even make the list this time around, with Oppo (at a 5.5% share) and Vivo (at 4.3%) taking their places. For both manufacturers those numbers represent some big gains, rising from last year’s 2.2% and 1.9% shares, respectively.

Theories behind the change suggest that Chinese shoppers in particular are starting to look for slightly higher-end, somewhat more expensive phones than they’ve sought out in the past.

On the whole, smartphone growth – well – isn’t really growing. From 334.4 million units shipped in Q1 2015, this past quarter only moved 334.9 million phones.

Source: IDC
Via: The Verge

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