Even in China, there’s no pre-order frenzy that Xiaomi or OPPO can muster that beats a run on Apple.

The iPhone SE is in its fifth day of pre-sales and in China, it’s been making a footprint through the internet — mostly because Apple has had a hard time managing large China-sized crowds in front of their physical retail stores. CNBC was able to gather numbers on some of that pre-order traffic in the country.

The business network got its numbers through three authorized online retailers: JD.com is reporting 882,295 pre-orders, Suning has 1,709,427 while Gome is scoring 889,668. Splitting sales between colors, the gold color hit 1.3 million buys, Rose gold stands close by at 1.2 million while boring ‘ol silver is shy of half a million. We don’t know where another half a million pre-sales have gone.

It also surveyed scalpers and found that instead of being able to charge a $300 premium as they have done with releases like the iPhone 6s, they’re either limiting the mark-up to $30 or offering a $100 discount. On Suning, the 16GB version will come in at ¥3,288 ($506) while the 64GB version comes to ¥4,088 ($629).

Official sales begin on Thursday.

Via: iMore

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