Trade officials representing China and the United States have been in discussions for the past week to find a way out of the ratcheting tariff situation that came from steel, then went to whiskey and other products.

But within the negotiations, sources to Reuters say that the Chinese delegation has requested the US to reconsider a 7-year moratorium on ZTE’s ability to import American products. The telecommunications company had been accused of transgressing a settlement over its violation of trade sanctions. The firm says that the ban is a threat to its survival — its smartphones are heavily reliant on Qualcomm silicon, Corning glass and Google’s services through the Android OS.

Beijing reps are asking their counterparts to consider allowing ZTE an appeal. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce, stating that the delegation made “solemn representations” for ZTE.

This is also beyond the US government’s increased hostility toward Chinese tech brands with a perceived association with a harsh regime of cyber-influence.

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