It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp the enormous importance of the world’s single largest smartphone market and most populous country for both local and foreign mobile device vendors nowadays.

You can’t achieve truly global success without a strong presence in China, and although regional mainstream popularity isn’t equivalent to worldwide industry relevance, it’s sure a great start.

On that note, Huawei executives have every reason to be proud of the brand’s swift rise to fame, gradually boosting its numbers in the Western Hemisphere, especially Europe, while retaining a domestic domination recouped just last quarter.

OPPO picked up the Chinese silver medal during both Q1 and Q2 2017, shipping around 2 million smartphones less than the market leader in the latter period. But the first runner-up actually made some impressive progress from the April – June 2016 timeframe. Namely, 37 percent.

Well behind Huawei and OPPO’s 23 and 21 million sales totals for this year’s second quarter, bronze medalist Vivo is beginning to lose momentum, settling for “just over” 16 million units moved nationally due mainly to the “failure to establish online channels.”

In contrast, Xiaomi continues to rely heavily on e-tail, bouncing back all of a sudden to fourth place thanks to “strong Redmi uptake in the mid-tier” segment. The company’s Q2 scores were up more than 60 percent sequentially, from 9 to around 15 million, and it was Apple that suffered the most from the so-called “Apple of China’s” resurgence.

Canalys unfortunately doesn’t specify the latest quarterly shipment figures of iPhones, but Cupertino clearly faced an annual decline in slipping to fifth place. If it makes Tim Cook feel any better, Samsung is even further down the ranks.

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