Research: China smartphone market slowly declining

A recent DigiTimes research published is predicting a 10 percent decline in the last quarter of the year. The same report uncovered a drop of 6.9% on year in the third quarter of 2018 as far as smartphone shipments on the Chinese market are concerned. Depending on who you ask or who you are inclined to believe, China is either the largest, or the second/third largest smartphone market on the planet (USA and India are the other two significant ones by size).

However, under the current declining circumstances, Huawei managed to boost its smartphone shipments by 20% in the third quarter, compared to Q2. Xiaomi and OPPO are mentioned in terms of “single digit growth”, but Vivo apparently is in the “single digit decline” category.

The report mentions that year-on-year, “only Huawei and Xiaomi posted shipment gains in the third quarter”. Even though a temporary smartphone shipment boost is expected in the next period on the Chinese smartphone market, the research is predicting an overall 10 percent decline compared to the year before.

The biggest winner here could be Apple, and the report mentions that it could grab the third place by outpacing both OPPO and Vivo, and that’s most likely due to the iPhone Xr and its availability.

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