China could get Galaxy S8 lite, according to Bluetooth SIG

Just as Samsung has reportedly assigned the codename “Crown” to its Galaxy Note 9, a work in progress, it has also put names onto many previous devices such as “Dream” for the Galaxy S8. Thread in the latent rumors of a “mini” Galaxy S phone that have laid dead for some time now, and this new piece of speculation could have people up in arms.

A Bluetooth Launch Studio declaration has been posited for the “Dream-Lite CN CHINA” with model number SM-G8750 — consistent with the naming practices of Galaxy S models last year in China. The name itself could give away everything you need to know: a lite version of the Galaxy S8 may be available in China soon.

But more context complicates what this may be: a phone with serial number SM-G8850 has been tracked through as a dual-camera phone, though with a flat screen and less premium features than, say, a standard Galaxy S9.

So, we’re left wondering how “lite” or “mini” this phone will be. After all, the phone is certified for Bluetooth 5 and is being placed in a region that Samsung has normally sent Qualcomm Snapdragon-equipped phones to. Will it get the Snapdragon 835 as the Galaxy S8 did or a Snapdragon 600-series chip? And will this phone get launched in tandem with the SM-G8850?

Much remains to be seen, but we have a feeling that the product will be carried out. Stay tuned.

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