China has 1.3 billion cellular carrier subscribers

This amorphous blob we keep referring to as “China” has been a tough topic to tackle for us at Pocketnow. The sheer enormity of the market, the hundreds, even thousands of component and device manufacturers and trends so short-lived, they seem concurrent enough to contradict each other all combine to inhibit understanding of the Chinese consumer.

Well, fun fact: China covers 3.7 million square miles of megalopolises and nowheres with a government that has commercial interests in every part of it. So it’s not surprising to hear that the country is home to 1.3 billion mobile subscribers. That’s about 95 percent of the population.

The breakdown of numbers from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology from the end of September show that the infrastructure could use some growing.

Only 33 percent of subscribers connected at 4G speeds while 23 percent of subscribers were stuck with 3G. 37 percent of users didn’t even access mobile internet services.

392,477 TB of mobile data was trafficked while 56.86 billion texts were sent throughout September — that’s 1.46 messages per existing phone number per day.

There were only 237 million landline subscribers and more than 210 million broadband internet subscribers for the month. Keep in mind that these lines serve households and businesses and are more of a reflection of how personal the smartphone has become in Chinese society, much less global society.

China is still hard to understand.

Via: Digitimes

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