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The Chevy Volt is a plug-in electric vehicle with gasoline “range extender” that they plan to release later this year. It has very sporty looks and is pushing the envelope of technology in some very cool ways. But this is, not, right? So what are we doing running an article about a car?

Google IO is coming this week, at which Chevy plans on showing us how it’s integrating Android Technologies with the Volt.


According to Chevy, “With the new OnStar mobile app, Volt owners can use a smartphone to access their vehicle’s current electric range and fuel efficiency. Plus, managing the Volt charging functions is easy with this application. You can look up the battery’s charge level, check on what time your Volt will be fully charged and ready to go, or even change charging priorities remotely with just a couple of taps. You can perform other commands remotely too — like unlocking doors or activating the remote start. The OnStar mobile app will be available when the Volt launches later this year.”

Based one what we can infer, Android isn’t talking directly to the vehicle. Rather, Android is talking to the OnStar service via a wireless internet connection. Similarly, the car is also talking to OnStar. While this would seem to be a step in the wrong direction it’s still an interesting, and admittedly very cool concept.

Oh, and if anyone from General Motors is reading: I’ve got an Android phone and would love to test your app. Contact me via this website and we’ll arrange how to get the Volt in my hands for an “extended” real-world test and review. 😉

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