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Change Your Voice With Screaming Bee Voice Twister

By Daniel Webster April 29, 2009, 10:51 am

Screaming Bee’s Voice Twister gives you the power to morph your voice right on your Windows Phone. Entertain friends and family by converting your voice to a Space Squirrel, which sounds like the Chipmunks. The children in your life will be excited to have a real sounding Giant at story time. The application has a few preset voices, but with the Tweak and Speak, you can create a unique voice by changing the pitch and adding an effect.

Voice Twister can also play a preexisting audio file, saved to either your device or storage card, and morph it into something interesting by adding effects in the play tab. You can also record audio which may be played back later or sent to friends.

The program comes with a three day trial and cost $6.95 USD for the full version, give it a try today. It does require .NET 3.5 to be installed on your Windows Mobile 5 or higher device. The program is designed for non-widescreen devices but still works well on widescreen resolutions. *Note: Voice Twister is not designed to use during a phone call and cannot morph your voice within a phone call.

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