Following last summer’s announcement by HP that it was calling it quits on webOS, the company started selling remaining TouchPad stock at some fantastic discounts. That created a huge, new wave of interest in the tablet, and it quickly sold out. Over the following months, we saw HP make some additional units available from time to time, but after one final push on eBay, it looked like supplies had finally dried up. If you’d been wishing you snagged one of those TouchPads while you had the chance, you’re in luck, as online retailer Woot has some for sale for today only; would you still be getting a bargain, though?

At their cheapest, those TouchPads were selling for about $100 for the 16GB version, and $150 for 32GB. As it became clear just how much demand there was for these supposedly-dead tablets, and supplies dwindled, we saw the price start to swing back up a little; that’s the situation we find ourselves in today, with Woot selling refurbished 32GB TouchPads for about $195.

There’s plenty of fun to be had with the TouchPad even in spite of HP shuttering webOS, and that’s before you even start coaxing Android onto the tablet. The real question is if a good deal from nine months ago is still a good value today. We just shared with you some of the things we’re looking forward to from Android tablets in the near future, and as those more advanced models arrive, we should also see budget-priced tablets hit higher and higher spec points. As a result, it’s more difficult to recommend snatching-up a TouchPad in this day and age, when you might soon find some comparable hardware in that same $200 range that has the benefit of continued support from the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that Woot sells one item a day, so the TouchPad will be gone by midnight, Central Time. Woot also deals with limited stocks, so if it runs out of TouchPads before then, you’re out of luck.

Source: Woot
Via: Droid Dog

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