Pocketnow Bloopers – episode 5, CES 2014 edition (Video)

CES 2014 included a lot of serious work and a ton of walking, but that doesn’t mean the guys don’t have fun. In fact, a large part of the show culture is about fun. Whether it’s coworkers who rarely see each other goofing off in front of a camera at a product unveiling or joking with colleagues a meet-and-greet, there is a lot of fun to be had when you’re cramped in a city with 150,000 other nerds who want to drool over the new gadgets just as much as you do.

The former part of that statement, though – the goofing off – is something we’re particularly good at here at Pocketnow. Oh, and botching intro clips and spec sheets happens … a lot.

Although the final product is generally nice a polished, the outtakes are typically frequent, abundant, and, well … hilarious. Indulge yourself with these video bloopers from CES 2014, provided by Anton D. Nagy, Michael “Joe Dirt” Fisher, and yours truly!

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