CES is just days away. Tony is already on the ground in Las Vegas, and Michael and I will hit the ground running Sunday afternoon.

Apart from all the other trade shows each year, CES is a unique beast. This year, there are over 3,200 exhibitors spread out over a 1.9 million square foot show floor. We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around how incredibly large the show is, displaying everything from upcoming car technology to smarter toothbrushes and thousands of things you never knew you wanted.

We’ve already covered what to expect for the show. But how in the world do you prepare for such an immense undertaking. What sort of gear do you pack?

Each team of tech journos have all sorts of different gear. And even we here at Pocketnow have vastly different things we feel the need to bring along. And we’re going to give you a peek into the not-so-glamorous bags we’re carrying in Las Vegas next week.



IMAG0775One thing is certain. We will have no shortage of cameras and mics at CES. I’m bringing along my daily driver, the Sony NEX-5N, and Michael is bringing his Sony NEX-F3. I carry the kit lens and two Sigma lenses, one f/2.3 19mm and one 30mm f/2.3, for different scenarios and Michael will have his kit lens and an e-mount macro lens.

We will also have two backup cameras on hand, Sony HDR-SR11 Handycams, with lapel microphones. We will stock up on SD cards before the show, as well as plenty of backup batteries for the NEX cameras. We’re bringing a simple tripod and monopod, as well.

Michael is has his Blue Yeti microphone (the most impractical travel mic), and he will also bring his MacBook Air (2012) along for the ride. I have the MacBook Pro with Retina display in my bag, and I don’t leave the house without my Audio-Technia ATH-M50s, or an Apple Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter. (I made the mistake of leaving this adapter at home last year.)



ces-2014-devicesWe will also carry a surplus of devices with us for the show. The list includes: a Global Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Lumia 925, two Lumia 1020s, HTC One, two Moto Xs, Moto G, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad, Google Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 2013.

The devices are for show floor comparisons, and some are essential for communication and logistics. These devices alone weigh 7.7lbs (3.5Kg).




holy-cordIf there is one thing I learned the last two years at CES, it’s that power is a hard thing to come by. If history repeats itself, service will be atrocious. Data networks buckle under the pressure of over 150,000 nerds crammed into a single building.

That means your devices work two and three times harder to do normal things, like send a message or sync email. (Don’t even get us started on video uploads.) This leads to a lot of quickly-dying batteries. People pile around the scarce outlets like fiends, throwing elbows and punches with no regard to those around them.

To avoid the outlet riots for as long as possible, we’re bringing all the battery packs we can. I have two myCharge Peak 6000s, Michael has an Xtorm 11,000 mAh power bank, and Anton will have a few power banks of his own. And for those times we do have to muscle our way to an outlet, I’m bringing two Phillips three-outlet surge protectors with USB power. Oh, and we’ll have about 50 microUSB and Lightning cables with us to help keep everything charged.




Finally, Michael and I will be sporting some wearables ourselves. Michael will have the Galaxy Gear to use in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 3. I will be sporting Pebble on my left wrist.

And last minute, I picked up a FitBit Flex. I wanted to see what kind of distances we walk and how many steps we take while we’re there.


That just about covers everything. It’s a lot of gear, and it requires big backpacks with a lot of pockets.

I’m sure we’ll get some strange looks passing through TSA.

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