Sometimes, after a solid day of cris-crossing the vast corridors of Las Vegas getting properly credentialed to cover the first big technology show of 2013, all you want to do is sit down at a nice outdoor Italian eatery and gorge yourself on pasta and red wine while singers on gondolas drift lazily by.

Tonight at the Pocketnow CES base camp, we got some of that covered. The singers-on-gondolas bit came true, but the starch and spirits had to wait until we had a chance to film some of our predictions for the big news-makers of 2013. Tune in to our video below for our quick impressions on what’s ahead -and what’s not- for HTC, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, and the other big players here at CES 2013. Then keep it locked to the feed Brandon Miniman pointed you to earlier for all the latest news, posted right as it happens.

Ideally with less singing this time.

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