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You might remember that former Orange executive Yves Maitre was appointed as the new CEO of HTC as he moves from the carrier to the top position inside the Taiwanese phone-maker. Appearing on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, the CEO talked about the struggles of HTC as a company, especially in the mobile space.

HTC has stopped innovating in the hardware of the smartphone. And people like Apple, like Samsung and, most recently, Huawei, have done an incredible job investing in their hardware — Yves Maitre

Maitre admits that HTC has fell short in the innovation department, something which its direct Android competitors, and Apple as well, have been excelling at. Without finding excuses, Maitre believes that the company’s focus was shifted towards VR (with the Vive), and the innovation resources were channeled in that direction.

The CEO also admits that the decision to move the focus to VR was right, but it came at the wrong time. HTC’s smartphone business is suffering from shifting R&D and resources to VR, leaving the phone segment in a very weak position.

Maitre also comes with a new vision. Contrary to popular belief, and the company’s old direction, HTC will focus on the premium segment, and not the low-to-mid-range, targeting developed countries “with higher GDP”.

“Best in class hardware and photography” is what Maitre thinks would make consumers come back to HTC, and this is something the company needs to address in the coming months.

You can read more at the source link below, where Maitre also talks about 5G.

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