CDMA HTC Trophy Passes FCC; Coming to Verizon Soon?

It looks like the HTC 7 Trophy has just passed the FCC packing a CDMA radio, making it highly likely that this model is the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Trophy we’re expecting to hit Verizon in short order. Although its name is not specifically given, the model number, PC40200, is just one off from PC40100, which we know from the Bluetooth SIG is Europe’s version of the 3.8-inch Trophy. Plus, both of these models received WiFi Alliance approval on the same certificate, alongside the HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Surround.

We’d already seen from a very official-looking document that Trophy will launch on Big Red “in early 2011,” with further rumors indicating that this month is a likely window. We’d actually be somewhat surprised if Microsoft and Verizon decided to push this out before the big copy/paste update hits, although maybe the plan is to show customers how quickly WP7 upgrades will be rolled out. Either way, there’s a CDMA Trophy out there, and it’s coming soon.

Source: FCC

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