UK plans to end HUAWEI’s involvement in its 5G infrastructure by 2023
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing heat from Conservative MPs who want to reduce HUAWEI’s participation in the country’s 5G networks to zero by 2023.
Verizon finally activates 5G upload on its Ultra Wideband network
The upload speed over Verizon’s 5G network will be around 30% higher compared to what you get on 4G LTE, at least for now.
Comcast unveils new data plans with free 5G access for Xfinity Mobile customers
Xfinity Mobile customers won’t have to pay any additional charge for using its 5G network, and can choose between per gig and unlimited data plans.
Deutsche Telekom could soon own a majority of T-Mobile again
It seems that Softbank is in talks with Deutsche Telekom to sell a significant portion of its T-Mobile US shares
T-Mobile will begin to sunset Sprint this summer for creating a unified brand
T-Mobile is eyeing a summer timeframe to shed the last remnants of the Sprint brand in its marketing strategy and switching to a unified T-Mobile moniker.
Verizon and AT&T extend zero late fee policy for people affected by the pandemic
Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast have announced that they won’t cancel their services for customers who haven’t been able to pay their bill until June 30.
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OPPO, Ericsson, MediaTek partnered to conduct voice and video calls on 5G
The test was carried out under the 5G SA network environment.
5G towers torched over coronavirus conspiracy, UK government calls it nonsense
5G towers across many cities in the UK were set on fire due to conspiracy theories linking 5G network to the spread of coronavirus.
Google Fi increases data limit to 30GB per user during COVID-19 crisis
After extending the payment grace period for customers to 60 days, Google Fi has now upped the monthly high-speed data cap to 30GB for all plans.