Verizon 3G
Verizon has put plans of 3G network shutdown on hold indefinitely: Report
Verizon had originally planned to pull the plugs on its 3G telecom service back in 2019, but extended the deadline to 2020.
T-Mobile details security breach that exposed phone numbers and call records
T-Mobile says that the Customer proprietary network information (CPNI) was accessed as part of the security breach.
Verizon 5G
Verizon’s Nationwide 5G network found to be slower than 4G in real-life tests
As per tests conducted by PCMag, Verizon’s Nationwide 5G network fared worse compared to its own 4G LTE network on multiple occasions.
us fcc ZTE tussle pocketnow
US FCC reaffirms ZTE is a national security threat over a petition to reconsider
The US FCC is going to conduct a meeting on December 10 where the commission will decide if existing ZTE telecom gear will be replaced.
Alef EdgeNet
AlefEdge launches a compute and delivery network – EdgeNet
AlefEdge’s SD-ME platform enables 5G-like immersive and intelligent applications to work over contemporary 4G LTE, CBRS, and Wi-Fi networks
locked phones
UK carriers to be banned from selling locked phones
Vodafone said, “We stand ready to implement these changes when they come into force.”
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Nokia is working to bring 4G networks to the moon
No, this is not a joke, this is a real project, and hopefully this time, Nokia may be able to make it work
Pixel 5
Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 Price: Too Good to be True? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the price of the Google Pixel 5, the display on the OnePlus 8T, and more.
AT&T believes iPhone 12 launch may not be a ‘Massive event’
AT&T’s Communications CEO has made some comments about the upcoming iPhone 12 launch and more, check them out
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20
T-Mobile is now the second largest carrier in the US
T-Mobile has taken the second spot as the largest wireless carrier in the United States, which bumps AT&T down to the third position
HUAWEI clocks 1.6 million developers for its HMS ecosystem as it reaches 700 million global users
HUAWEI’s $1 billion Shining Star Program has provided benefits to over 10,000 apps since its inception.
Galaxy Note 20
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AT&T says its 5G network is now available across the US, commercial rollout begins August 7
All customers on the AT&T Consumer Unlimited Wireless Plans will be migrated to its 5G network at no additional cost starting August 7.
OnePlus Nord
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Sprint will be no more on August 2, as it officially turns into T-Mobile
We may soon have to say farewell to Sprint for good after T-Mobile has announced that it will completely take over the Sprint next month
Oppo, mediatek, ericsson, Prakhar Khanna, parkyprakhar
Reliance Jio is all set for deployment of 5G in India soon
Jio will be setting up the network at its premises without the involvement of any third part vendor or technology provider.
UK bans HUAWEI from its 5G network infrastructure
In yet another major setback for HUAWEI, the UK government has announced…
FCC classifies HUAWEI and ZTE as national security threats
Telecom operators can no longer use funds from the US FCC’s Universal Service Fund to buy equipment or avail services from HUAWEI and ZTE.
Verizon’s new prepaid plans will get cheaper the longer you stay on its network
The longer you stay, the more you save.
UK directs telecom operators to hoard HUAWEI equipment in the wake of US trade ban
UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reportedly sent a letter to telecom operators, advising them to maintain an adequate cache of HUAWEI equipment.
Sprint’s employees reportedly affected after T-Mobile merger
It seems that T-Mobile has decided to end some of Sprint’s sales divisions and other jobs
US companies allowed to work with HUAWEI on setting standards for 5G development
Department of Commerce’s Wilbur Ross noted that the “US will not cede leadership in global innovation” by non-participation in the development of standards.
Disney+ Hotstar
Jio is offering free Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription to its prepaid subscribers in India
Notably, this is a VIP subscription and not the Premium subscription.
UK plans to end HUAWEI’s involvement in its 5G infrastructure by 2023
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing heat from Conservative MPs who want to reduce HUAWEI’s participation in the country’s 5G networks to zero by 2023.