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Amazon is the latest to join live audio hype train
As if Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Spotify’s Greenroom, Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, Reddit Talk weren’t enough.
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WhatsApp to make controversial privacy policy optional
WhatsApp introduced its controversial policy update earlier this year. The new policy would mandate…
TikTok TV app
TikTok videos may soon become longer than the current three minutes limit
The popular short-video social media app TikTok is testing a new feature…
Twitter now lets you add co-hosts to manage Spaces easily
Twitter looks to take lead in the social audio rooms market as it continues to add more and more features to Spaces.
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Instagram could further ruin your feeds soon. Here’s how
The new feature could allow Instagram to keep its users on the app for a longer duration. However, some people (like me) might be annoyed.
Facebook to introduce Podcasts sooner than expected
Facebook Podcast feature could go live on June 22. The company is tipped to allow podcast hosts to link their RSS feed to Facebook.
Instagram Reels
The wait is over: you can finally enjoy ads on Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels is a TikTok clone that allows you to create and share short videos with easy-to-use tools.
Twitter super follows
Here’s our first look at Twitter Super Follows
Wong also revealed a list of content categories for Super Follows that users would be allowed to choose from to describe their content.
Twitter Blue
Twitter Blue subscription service starts rolling out
Twitter Blue subscribers will also get access to perks like customizable app icons for their device’s home screen and fun color themes.
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Twitter resumes verification requests days after stopping it
If you’ve been eyeing the coveted blue tick, rejoice, as Twitter has again started accepting verification requests after a brief pause.
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Twitter reactions coming soon as account verifications are paused
To recall, the last “pause” lasted for several years. We hope Twitter enables verifications soon as it has promised.
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Twitter Blue subscription confirmed, will offer color themes and new icons
Twitter Blue will offer you alternative Twitter icons in pink, purple, green, orange, black, the traditional blue, and one stamped with blue and purple stripes.
instagram hide likes
Hide Instagram and Facebook likes, and how popular you are. Like you have the guts!
Facebook – and Instagram – want you to focus more on the content rather than the number of likes it has garnered on each platform.
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Instagram could soon pay you a bonus to use its TikTok-clone
Instagram is tipped to be working on delivering a ‘Bonus’ to users who use its TikTok-clone, Reels.
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Facebook will send codes via WhatsApp so you can use Instagram
Instagram might soon allow users to receive two factor authentication (2FA) codes for identity verification on their WhatsApp account.
Twitter tracking
First Facebook, Now Twitter Bothering Users With App Tracking
Instead of taking a threatening tone that Facebook adopted, Twitter is telling users that ad-tracking will keep the ads they see relevant.
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Twitter “Blue” will let you undo tweets for a monthly subscription?
The “Undo Tweets” feature is likely to give users a short time to “Undo” a tweet that has a mistake before it’s actually posted on Twitter.
instagram for kids
US Authorities to Facebook: We Can’t Trust You with “Instagram for Kids”
A bipartisan coalition of 44 attorneys general have written to Facebook and urged it to drop the ‘Instagram for Kids’ project.
clubhouse subscription
Clubhouse is finally expanding to Android, but is it already too late?
It will be interesting to see how Clubhouse on Android shines amidst the flood of competition on the platform.
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Best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021
Not buying what WhatsApp is selling after its privacy policy change? Here’s a look at the best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021.
Facebook is fighting to keep WhatsApp users from migrating to Signal
Facebook and Signal are squabbling over Instagram ads that target the social media giant over privacy, but there’s a lot more to the feud.
facebook apple test patience
Facebook and Instagram have already begun to test Apple’s patience with new practices
Facebook is trying to goad users into accepting ad tracking by telling them that it’s essential to keeping the app free.
Facebook sets aside $5 million for its newsletter platform to lure independent reporters
Facebook says that reporters who make it past the selection process will pocket a multi-year licensing fee to build their audience.
instagram live audio
Instagram Live gets new features that essentially turn it into an audio chatroom
Instagram Live will let participants of a live broadcast to turn off the mic or kill their video feed if they so desire.