Twitter Safety Mode
Twitter plans Facebook-like communities, Safe Mode for auto-blocking abusive accounts
By enabling Safety Mode, Twitter will automatically block accounts that spew vile and hateful words, and will also reduce their visibility.
Twitter super follow
Twitter announces a Super Follow feature to let creators charge for their content
If you Super Follow a creator on Twitter, you’ll get perks such as supporter badge, access to paid newsletters as well as exclusive content.
Telegram new feature
Telegram borrows a WhatsApp feature and adds plenty more with new update
Telegram is also introducing widgets.
Instagram rolls out its TikTok-clone, Reels to the Lite app
Instagram Lite has been created to bring the core Instagram experience to people who are unfamiliar with the app.
Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest add features to support those with eating disorders
Story Pins will also be used to generate awareness on Pinterest.
News on Facebook gets restored in Australia
A few days back, Facebook blocked publishers and residents from sharing news…
privacy policy whatsapp pocketnow
WhatsApp explains what happens if you don’t bend to its will by May 15
WhatsApp drew intense backlash earlier this year after updating its privacy policy…
congress hearing google facebook twitter
Google, Facebook, and Twitter CEOs will be grilled by Congress over misinformation
Congress committee will question Google, Facebook, and Twitter heads over how their platforms handled COVID-19 and election misinformation.
tiktok UFC pocketnow
TikTok inks multi-year deal with UFC to produce exclusive content
The exclusive UFC content on TikTok includes livestreams with access to pre-and post-fight content, and behind-the-scenes footage as well.
Twitter voice DMs
Now you can send Voice DMs on Twitter
Each voice note can be 140 seconds long.
TikTok sale
ByteDance might sell Indian TikTok assets
ByteDance is in talks with SoftBank conglomerate to sell its TikTok India assets.
Facebook prepping a smartwatch with cellular connectivity and social tricks for 2022 debut
Facebook’s smartwatch will support standalone cellular connectivity, which means you don’t need to pair it with a phone for sending messages.
Twitter’s government account labels expand to 16 more countries
These labels will indicate when an account is run by a government official or organization.
instagram pocketnow
Instagram will disable accounts that repeatedly send abusive messages
Instagram has today announced a few updated guidelines governing abusive behavior and…
Facebook pocketnow
Facebook is busy cloning Clubhouse. Of course, because it can, and has done so in the past too!
Facebook’s audio-driven chat product – ‘inspired’ by Clubhouse – is in its early stages of development, says a report by The New York Times.
Instagram won’t promote watermarked Reels, a move obviously targeting TikTok
Instagram says these changes are being made because the aforementioned red flags make the Reels experience less satisfying.
Facebook vaccine
Facebook will tell when and where you can get vaccinated, vows to remove vaccine hoaxes
The COVID-19 Information Center on Facebook will help people find details such as vaccine eligibility criteria and where they can get it.
Twitter explores a paid tier with advanced tools, putting Tweetdeck behind a paywall
Aside from putting Tweetdeck behind a paywall, Twitter is testing a tipping feature for exclusive content and a paid tier with advanced tools.
Tiktok for android tV
TikTok arrives on Android TV because doom-scrolling deserves a giant screen
TikTok for Android TV lets you watch vertical videos on a smart TV even without logging in, but it appears to region-locked right now.
TikTok will label videos that contain unverified information
TikTok will also ask users to do a double check before sharing videos with an ‘unverified content’ logo slapped on top.
Messenger Oculus
Facebook brings Messenger to Oculus because we all love chatting on VR headsets
If typing a Messenger response using the Oculus controller sounds nightmarish, there is thankfully a voice-to-text feature.
instagram recently deleted
Instagram’s hacker-proof ‘Recently Deleted’ tool gives you more control over your memories
All content such as reels, photos, videos, and stories go directly to the Recently Deleted folder when users delete it for the first time.
clubhouse subscription
Clubhouse CEO confirms plans of a subscription tool for creators
Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison said in a CNBC interview that he wants creators to make a living via subscriptions on the audio-only chat platform.
Signal’s new features make the switch from WhatsApp a tad more palatable
Chat backgrounds, About section, and animated stickers are now available in the Signal app for Android and iOS via the stable channel.
Facebook is reportedly dipping its toes in the world of newsletters
The social media giant’s newsletter tool is in its early stages of development and will allow writers to build a follower base on Facebook.