WhatsApp QR code
WhatsApp makes it easier for businesses to connect with customers using QR codes
One can now also share product catalogs or an individual item in the form of links on websites or other social media platforms.
US is considering a ban on TikTok, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
“Only if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party”, Pompeo said when asked if Americans should keep using the app.
Instagram now lets all users pin comments to the top of their feed post
The pinned comments will help set the tone of the conversation by highlighting the positive responses and making it easier to manage negative reactions.
Facebook, Instagram now prominently advise you to wear a mask and read health tips
There’s also a link to CDC’s database where you can read more about the importance of wearing face masks and the preventive steps to keep yourself safe.
Facebook is pulling the plugs on its TikTok clone Lasso on July 10
As popular singer Sia crooned in one of her songs, “And another one bites the dust”.
Twitch temporarily bans Donald Trump’s account over hateful conduct
Twitch says it doesn’t make exceptions for political or newsworthy content, and unlike Facebook, will take action against content that violates policies.
Facebook dark mode
Facebook will label politicians’ posts if they violate policies, but won’t remove it
The rule won’t apply if a politician’s post is deemed incendiary that can lead to violence or if it can suppress voting rights, and will be removed.