Samsung’s QLED Q80A Smart TVs, Sennheiser headphones and more are on sale today
Today’s best deals come from Amazon and, where we find several QLED smart TVs, the Galaxy S21, and more on sale
Samsung SmartThings has a new design interface
Samsung SmartThings has a new design interface
Samsung today has announced an entirely new, redesigned user interface for it’s…
tvOS 15 uses Face ID and Touch ID on your iPhone to sign into apps
Face ID and ‌Touch ID‌ sign-in for Apple TV will allow the authentication process to be quicker and more streamlined with tvOS 15.
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Bose headphones and more are on sale today
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How to install tvOS 15 developer preview on your Apple TV
We advise you to use the public betas with caution. If it is your primary device, wait for the final release.
OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and more devices are on sale today
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Sony’s X80J 55 Inch Smart TVs, Sound bars, home theater packs and more are on sale
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DJI main
US Pentagon changes its mind about DJI Drones
The US Pentagon has cleared only two drone models so far – the DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 600 Pro – after allegations of posing security risk.
Top 10 Memorial Day deals you can’t miss
Check out some of the best Memorial Day deals that are currently available, where you will find laptops, smartwatches and more on sale
Arm’s new CPU and GPU designs based on ARMv9 tease what’s coming in 2022
The new slate of ARM-v9 based solutions include the Cotex-X2, Cortex-A710, and Cortex-A510 CPU cores, alongside four new GPUs from Arm.
apple music lossless
Apple makes at least one of its products compatible with Apple Music Lossless
Apple Music Lossless is coming to HomePod and HomePod Mini smart speakers via a software update in the coming weeks.
matter google smart home
Google is developing Matter protocol to make smart home devices smarter
Google says it will add Matter support to Android and Nest-branded smart home devices, and is also creating a help database too.
ipod touch renders
iPod Touch leak shows a design that blends iPhone 12 and iPad Air
An iPod Touch refresh will reportedly be launched in fall season. And if these renders are the real deal, we’re looking at a huge redesign.
Amazon Echo Show 10
Amazon Echo Show 10: when the best smart speaker is too smart? (video)
The Amazon Echo Show 10 is the best smart display I’ve used and tested, with some cool features, but it’s hard to recommend for the price.
Amazon Echo Show launch: something for everyone. Seriously!
Amazon has recently announced a refresh to some of its Amazon Echo Show devices, which includes a new option for the kids
airtag attach
How do you attach AirTags to items you so often misplace?
Enamored by the design of Apple’s object tracker, but that hole-less design makes you wonder how to attach AirTags to objects? Well…
airtag android compatibility
Are the AirTags compatible with Android phones?
The AirTags are finally here. But are they just another addition to ‘the walled garden’ or can they play with Android devices too?
What devices are AirTag compatible with
What devices do the Apple AirTags support?
Planning to pick up Apple’s shiny new object tracker, but unsure about compatibility? Here’s a list of all devices that the AirTags support.
airtag attach
Apple AirTag is now up for pre-order starting today
The AirTag object tracker is now up for pre-order and will be widely available by the end of this month. Check out the details here.
OPPO’s AirTags rival leaks with support for UWB and USB-C charging
The OPPO Smart Tag looks to be more environment-friendly than the rivals with support for a USB Type-C port at the bottom.
Amazon Echo Dot Gen-3 Featured Image
Get an Amazon Echo Dot Gen-3 for just $5, HomePod mini and more are also on sale
Today’s best deals come from Amazon and Verizon, where you can find the previous generation Echo Dot and more devices on sale
Apple TV 4K Siri Remote
You won’t be able to find the new Siri Remote with Find My if it gets lost in the house
While there is no ‌Find My‌ capability on the second-generation ‌Siri‌ Remote, it does feature a revamped design with a touch-enabled click pad. 
airtag ios 14.5
Apple will release iOS 14.5 update with AirTag support next week
Asidre from adding support for Apple’s object tracker, iOS 14.5 will finally enable the ability to unlock your iPhone using Apple Watch.
samsung galaxy smart tag plus
Samsung is making sure that Galaxy SmartTag tracker isn’t used for stalking
The new Unknown Tag Search feature will let users check if there is a Galaxy SmartTag object that is moving along with them.
Echo Show 10
Make your home smarter with the Echo Show 10 and several smart devices on sale
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