Stop being naive when it comes to things like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.
Facebook is breaking promises about WhatsApp, as expected. Learn how to tell if your next messaging app is going to last or will eventually become horrible just like the others.
US President Donald Trump
US government bans transactions with eight Chinese apps including AliPay and WeChat Pay
The executive order goes into effect after 45 days, while Secretary of Commerce has been asked to find more apps that pose a security risk.
Microsoft solarwinds source code pocketnow
Microsoft reveals SolarWinds hackers gained access to its source code
Microsoft says viewing its source code doesn’t pose any risk elevation threat, as it already assumes attackers have knowledge of it.
Facebook apple privacy app store
Facebook targets Apple over privacy policy update, Apple says users must get a choice
Apple says Facebook need not change its approach towards personalised ads, it only has to offer users a choice.
New legislation in EU would promote competition and protect users from big tech companies
New regulations in the EU could force companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and more, to change to let other smaller companies compete
Facebook apple privacy app store
Apple fires back at Facebook for attacking app privacy labels, warns of taking down apps
Developers who do not comply with the new ATT privacy norms will risk getting their apps removed from the App Store, warns Apple.
How many servers is your phone connecting to?
Do you know how many internet servers your phone is connecting to at any given time? With an open-source app, there’s an easy way to tell (on Android).
Apple doesn’t agree with the latest US Government’s antitrust report
Apple doesn’t seem to accept being called a monopoly, and it has made a statement against the latest antitrust report from the US government
TikTok avoids ban and closes deal with Oracle and Walmart
TikTok has reached a deal that will keep it alive in the United States and safe from possible bans
Pocketnow Daily: Apple vs Epic Games: CHECKMATE! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Apple’s new actions against Epic, TikTok getting more time to sell US operations, and more.
New executive order gives ByteDance 90 days to sell TikTok
It seems that US companies will have more time to buy TikTok’s US operations from ByteDance, as President Trump has given the company 90 days to close a deal
TikTok was found tracking users and secretly collecting data
The social media app TikTok was recently discovered collecting MAC addresses from its users and bypassing Android’s built-in protections
HUAWEI pocketnow
HUAWEI reports 13.1% revenue boost in the first half of 2020 despite COVID-19 impact
The company said it brought in CNY 454 billion (~ $64.9 billion) in revenue during H1 2020, while the net profit stood at 9.2% of that figure.
Microsoft’s Defender ATP antivirus app for Android is now out in Preview
The Microsoft Defender ATP for Android will offer protection against phishing attacks, unsafe network connections from apps, websites, and malicious apps.
Apple WWDC 2020
Here’s everything we saw today during Apple’s WWDC 2020
Take a look at everything that was announced today during Apple’s WWDC 2020
Samsung’s 15.6-inch Chromebook, Garmin smartwatches and more on sale today
Today’s deals come from Best Buy and Amazon, where you can find Samsung’s 15.6-inch Chromebook, the Garmin Vivoavtive 3 and more devices on sale
This best-selling VPN is on sale for 95% off
Hola VPN Plus is an award-winning platform that offers unparalleled security along with a variety of features, with a lifetime subscription for 95% off.
There is already a jailbreak out there for the freshly released iOS 13.5
The iOS 13.5 jailbreak doesn’t have any adverse impact on battery life, and neither does it prevent the usage of services such as Apple Pay.
President Trump extends US trade ban on HUAWEI for another year
The executive order extends the ban on trade with – or usage of telecom equipment from – foreign companies deemed a security threat, which includes HUAWEI.
Apple makes it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a face mask
Face ID will no longer repeatedly try to verify a face while wearing a mask, as users can now go to the passcode screen with a single swipe.
Microsoft cites security risk to justify absence of Thunderbolt port on Surface devices
Microsoft Surface devices reportedly don’t offer upgradable RAM because the memory stick can be used to access all the data that was loaded into it.
Apple and Google will shut down contact tracing system once the coronavirus threat is over
Apple and Google will disable the cross-platform contact tracing system on a regional basis once the coronavirus threat has been brought under control.
Apple says there is no evidence of hackers exploiting the Mail app vulnerability
Apple has acknowledged that the Mail app did have a flaw, but the company says it has found zero evidence that it was exploited by bad parties.
Facebook and Instagram will now reveal the location of posts and high-reach accounts
With the latest move, Facebook aims to increase transparency and seeks to help users evaluate the authenticity of a post or high-reach account.