Microsoft’s Defender ATP antivirus app for Android is now out in Preview
The Microsoft Defender ATP for Android will offer protection against phishing attacks, unsafe network connections from apps, websites, and malicious apps.
Apple WWDC 2020
Here’s everything we saw today during Apple’s WWDC 2020
Take a look at everything that was announced today during Apple’s WWDC 2020
Samsung’s 15.6-inch Chromebook, Garmin smartwatches and more on sale today
Today’s deals come from Best Buy and Amazon, where you can find Samsung’s 15.6-inch Chromebook, the Garmin Vivoavtive 3 and more devices on sale
This best-selling VPN is on sale for 95% off
Hola VPN Plus is an award-winning platform that offers unparalleled security along with a variety of features, with a lifetime subscription for 95% off.
There is already a jailbreak out there for the freshly released iOS 13.5
The iOS 13.5 jailbreak doesn’t have any adverse impact on battery life, and neither does it prevent the usage of services such as Apple Pay.
President Trump extends US trade ban on HUAWEI for another year
The executive order extends the ban on trade with – or usage of telecom equipment from – foreign companies deemed a security threat, which includes HUAWEI.
Apple makes it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a face mask
Face ID will no longer repeatedly try to verify a face while wearing a mask, as users can now go to the passcode screen with a single swipe.
Microsoft cites security risk to justify absence of Thunderbolt port on Surface devices
Microsoft Surface devices reportedly don’t offer upgradable RAM because the memory stick can be used to access all the data that was loaded into it.
Apple and Google will shut down contact tracing system once the coronavirus threat is over
Apple and Google will disable the cross-platform contact tracing system on a regional basis once the coronavirus threat has been brought under control.
Apple says there is no evidence of hackers exploiting the Mail app vulnerability
Apple has acknowledged that the Mail app did have a flaw, but the company says it has found zero evidence that it was exploited by bad parties.
Facebook and Instagram will now reveal the location of posts and high-reach accounts
With the latest move, Facebook aims to increase transparency and seeks to help users evaluate the authenticity of a post or high-reach account.
Google is working on a debit card with deep monitoring and security controls: Report
After search, smartphones, laptops and a ton of software solutions, the next…
After Google, US Senate tells members to avoid Zoom over security concerns
The US Senate has asked office bearers to look at alternative platforms for video conferencing as Zoom’s security measures remain under the scanner.
Google prohibits employees from using Zoom citing security concerns
Google has told employees that the Zoom app does not meet the company’s security standards, which is why the app will stop working on their work computers.
Spike Video Chat is a great new free option for group video conferencing
Some of the other video conferencing options out there have been a security/privacy nightmare. Spike Video Chat is a new one with some very welcome advantages and improved simplicity.
Purism Librem Mini is a Freedom Friendly Home Server or Desktop
Purism’s laptop computers start at $1249, so a mini desktop that starts at $699 but gives you all of the same security features is a welcome addition.
Be careful about buying refurbished Chromebooks
When buying a refurbished Chromebook, be aware that some things might not work even after a hard reset.
Android was the most vulnerable OS in 2019, but things are improving
A total of 414 security vulnerabilities were reported for the Android operating system in 2019, higher than Debian Linux, Windows 10, and Ubuntu.
Google is making private WhatsApp group chats discoverable by indexing invite links
By indexing the invite links to WhatsApp group chats, Google is letting anyone join a private conversation with just a random keyword search.
A $99 Chromebook is so much better with Gallium Linux installed
Chrome OS is okay if all you need is a web browser, but upgrading a Chromebook to Gallium Linux turns your Chromebook into a much more powerful, serious computer.
Top VPNs of 2019
Just like keeping your home secure from intruders, you want to ensure your virtual data is safe.. We’ve compiled a list of the top VPNs in 2019!
Android phones are now harder to crack than iPhones, says forensic expert
Forensic experts say that modern Android phones are now harder to crack compared to iPhones.
Privacy-focused email service ProtonMail banned in Russia
ProtonMail, the privacy-focused email service that is favoured by journalists for its security measures, has been banned in Russia.
The UK and the EU won’t ban Huawei, against warnings from the US
Both the United Kingdom and the European Union have allowed their networks to acquire the necessary equipment from Huawei in their 5G infrastructure