The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera and more smart security cameras are on sale
We have found several smart security cameras on sale at, starting with a vast selection of Arlo products and more to choose from
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This is the first country to officially adopt Bitcoin as a national currency
El Salvador has just become the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as an official currency. The new currency aims to bring more stability.
Apple delays CSAM feature roll-out to make improvements and listen to feedback
It seems that Apple will keep on working to improve its CSAM feature before making it rollout to its devices
Apple has been CSAM scanning your iCloud mail since 2019
Apple has been CSAM scanning your iCloud mail since 2019
Apple has officially confirmed that it is scanning iCloud Mail for CSAM content, and it has been doing it since 2019.
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NeuralHash code found in iOS 14.3, Apple: not the one we’ll use for CSAM Photo Scanning
Apple previewed the CSAM detection system for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS earlier…
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 t-mobile
T-Mobile confirms nearly 48 million people were affected by the recent data breach
Nearly 8 million current T-Mobile postpaid customers and 40 million former customers are affected
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German lawmakers to Tim Cook: Apple should reconsider its CSAM plans
German government says Apple is on a “dangerous path” while undermining “secure and confidential communication”
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 t-mobile
Hacker claims to have full data from 100M T-Mobile customers, carrier investigation underway
T-Mobile is investigating a forum post that claims to be selling personal information related to over 100 million customers.
Craig Federighi says Apple's child-protection features were 'Misunderstood'
Craig Federighi says Apple’s child-protection features were ‘Misunderstood’
Craig Federighi, VP of Software Engineering at Apple, said in a recent interview that some of the child-protection features were ‘misunderstood’.
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Major Realtek vulnerability discovered: should you be worried?
A new Realtek vulnerability was recently discovered that allowed hackers to gain complete access to a device and its operating system.
US firm accuses HUAWEI of pushing for planting a data backdoor, files federal lawsuit
HUAWEI’s in trouble, again.
Ivacy VPN
Ivacy VPN is 90% off: this is the Best VPN Deal of the year
Ivacy is one of the best VPN deals you can get right now, no doubt about it. With award-winning speeds and support for streaming services, it’s really hard to pass on this opportunity.
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Apple’s new iCloud photo scanning feature draws a lot of backlash from security researchers
Apple seems to have pissed a lot of security researchers, including Edward Snowden, with its new iCloud photo scanning and CSAM features.
LinkedIn breach leaves 700 Million users exposed [Update]
LinkedIn was breached again. A new report tells us that more than 700 million users’ information was exposed online by another hacker and put up for sale.
How (and why) Email could become your favorite messaging system
Your email hatred is probably misplaced. The beauty of email is that you can modify it to do anything you want. There’s probably already an easy way to fix what you hate and turn it into a dream hot rod of internet messaging.
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President Biden revokes ban on TikTok and WeChat
President Joe Biden had revoked a number of executive orders from former…
TikTok sale
TikTok is really bad with privacy: how it collects face and voice data
Check out the latest changes to TikTok’s privacy policy that will now allow it to collect biometric data from its users
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US Pentagon changes its mind about DJI Drones
The US Pentagon has cleared only two drone models so far – the DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 600 Pro – after allegations of posing security risk.
This is the only password you have to remember
NordPass was designed with security in mind by cybersecurity experts who use state-of-the-art encryption to protect your data.
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Facebook’s new low: Paying for a study that says Apple fails at privacy
Facebook apparently funded research with the purpose of criticizing the new App Tracking Transparency framework Apple introduced with iOS 14.5
google location scandal
Google wanted your location data so bad, it buried the controls in Settings
Google was so desperate to save its ad revenue that it pressured OEMs into obeying its wish, and even succeeded at convincing LG to do so.
have i been pwned
Have I Been Pwned is getting help from FBI after going open-source
The intelligence agency will contribute its own share of compromised credentials that will be added to the Have I Been Pwned database.
instagram whatsapp 2FA
Facebook will send codes via WhatsApp so you can use Instagram
Instagram might soon allow users to receive two factor authentication (2FA) codes for identity verification on their WhatsApp account.
Twitter tracking
First Facebook, Now Twitter Bothering Users With App Tracking
Instead of taking a threatening tone that Facebook adopted, Twitter is telling users that ad-tracking will keep the ads they see relevant.
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You may be able to get verified on Twitter again really soon
It seems that you can opt to verify your Twitter account starting next week, but there are several new changes and requirements to be met