A Screen on Your Keyboard?

Who would have thought you can have a screen on your keyboard? Soft input panels (SIP) are nothing new in that they would display the keyboard inside a screen a la Windows Mobile and the famous iPhone keyboard. However, Optimus is going to take it…

By Chuong Nguyen December 31, 2007, 12:28 pm

Asus Brings Nokia E90 Styling to Windows Mobile

The new Asus M930W sports a clamshell, dual-screen design that is reminiscent of the Nokia E90 Communicator. Known specs reported by Unwired View include a 520 MHz Marvel processor, WM 6 Professional (although it looks like WM 6 Standard to me), tri…

By Chuong Nguyen December 25, 2007, 3:53 am

Release Date for the Samsung BlackJack II Announced

With the exception of the Samsung i780, the BlackJack II is the device that I'm most looking forward to this year. The official word from Samsung, as reported by msmobiles, is that the BJ II will land on the day before Thanksgiving, 21 November. …

By Brandon Miniman November 15, 2007, 2:36 pm

Our RSS Feed Address Has Changed

We now use FeedBurner to manage our RSS feed — it allows for more control and monitoring on our end so that we can tweak the feed for the best readability. The new feed address is: Please update your readers!

By Brandon Miniman August 15, 2007, 8:56 am

The Best Pocket PC Ever?

Seen at the Computex computer convention, could the ASUS A639 be the best Pocket PC ever? Well, with the following specs, it just might be: Windows Mobile 5 (that wasn't specifically stated, but the picture implies it) Intel XScale 416MHz CPU 1…

By Steve Mueller June 11, 2006, 4:02 pm

Toshiba Gigabeat S

CNET has a glowing review of the new Toshiba Gigabeat S Portable.

By Adam Z. Lein June 3, 2006, 6:15 pm

The History of PDAs

Many folks probably think the PDA began with the release of the…

By Russ Smith May 19, 2005, 10:54 am


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