Galaxy S10 Infinity O Display features, All iPhones with OLEDs | Pocketnow Daily

Also on our show, Apple’s long-delayed AirPower charging pad gets some life, the Galaxy S10 gets rendered (again) and silicon in our batteries?

Panay: Microsoft Surface hardware still going to be relevant

In fact, it’s more than the core of what Microsoft wants to do: to complete user experiences at work and at home. Hardware’s key.

Huawei Mate Flex, Galaxy Note 9 camera issues | Pocketnow Daily

Also on our show this Thanksgiving, Instagram has a new look in mind for its app and we have Black Friday deals spanning from Google to Samsung and Apple.

Wi-Fi WPA2 standard subject to KRACKS — key reinstallation attacks

The encryption keys that your phone or computer and your Wi-Fi router may not be as safe as you think they are. The scramble is on for a fix.

Cortana now inside Skype on Android and iOS apps

Cortana can do a lot of what Google Assistant can do on Allo. But instead, it’s Skype. Is it trying hard enough to convert it into a general chat app?

How to fix every Galaxy S8 review in numerous, difficult steps | #PNWeekly 250

We chat with Engadget’s Evan Rodgers on how to strike the balance between pitting visual hedonism with consumer nuance in our editorially-starved world.

Smartphone Addiction and Digital Mental Health: Dr. Timothy Fong Interview, UCLA Neuroscience (Video)

We talk to Dr. Timothy Fong, a psychiatrist researching addiction at UCLA, about smartphone addiction, technology research, digital mental health and more.

Redditor dissatisfied that his Google Pixel speaker issue ends in refund

Mark Buckman, a professed “Google evangelist,” has lost some faith in the company after the way he believes the company handled his issue with the Pixel.

What could the FitBit/Pebble deal ultimately mean?

FitBit is looking to buy Pebble for $40 million. We look at the implications of the Pebble deal and what it could mean for the future of wearables.

Google’s Pixel Paradigm and the future of Android | #PNWeekly 221

Google is shifting the focus of their smartphones from developers to consumers. Google’s Pixel Paradigm and the future of Android | #PNWeekly Podcast 221

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda, and Blackberry Black-holes | #PNWeekly 220

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda! Will Android and Chrome finally merge? Also, no more in-house hardware from Blackberry? #PNWeekly Podcast episode 220!

HTC 10 round up, Galaxy Note 6 rumors, and longer phone upgrades? | Pocketnow Weekly 197

Is the HTC 10 perfect? Galaxy Note 6 rumors are popping up. Why are folks waiting longer to upgrade their phones? Episode 197 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

Interview: Rehan Asad Assistant VP of Broadband Strategy for AT&T on Gigabit Broadband for LA

AT&T is lighting up gigabit broadband for LA, California. We sat down with Vice President Rehan Asad to talk about the new Gigapower roll out.
Android Wear, Apple Watch, and iOS

Will Android Wear on iOS kill the Apple Watch?

Google has upped the ante, Android Wear on iOS is a now a reality – with some limitations. Your move, Apple.

Hangin’ with Dr. Cooper: an interview with “the father of the cellphone”

He made the first cellular phone call in 1973. Now Dr. Martin Cooper joins us for a look back at the world he made possible – and what’s yet to come.

An app to save your bar: Jon Taffer talks us through BarHQ (Interview)

We sat down with Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer to learn about his new app BarHQ – and to hear about the challenges of going from TV host to app developer.

Minuum’s Will Walmsley on creating the keyboard of the future

  It often seems there’s a direct correlation between the widespread use…

Art on an iPhone: the unbelievable mobile photography of Sarah Jarrett

Looking through Sarah Jarrett’s gallery, it’s hard to believe her main medium is an iPhone. In this interview, Sarah shares her mobile photography secrets.
Image credit, left to right: John Gamble; Clay Butch Benskin; Helen Breznik

Mobile photography as art: an interview with the MPA’s Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman, creator of the Mobile Photography Awards, lives in a world where smartphone photos sit alongside Warhols and Lichtensteins.

Carl Pei on the OnePlus One: we could not have done any better for this first device

We discuss the “Flagship killer” OnePlus One, its creation and the vision behind it with Carl Pei, the company’s director.

“We know we have made a difference”: Phonebloks on the future of the modular smartphone (Interview)

We sat down with Phonebloks to learn about the challenges involved in creating a modular smartphone and the company’s vision for the future.

Pocketnow Weekly 086: @evleaks

He’s the world’s most notorious leaker – and on this week’s show, he sits down for an interview. @evleaks joins us for the Pocketnow Weekly; you should too.

The Waze of public transportation? Interview with Moovit’s Product VP

We sat down with Yovav Meydad to learn about the ups and downs of building Moovit, an app that aims to crowdsource your morning commute.
ZAGG sparq

ZAGGsparq 6000: As close to perfect as a portable battery can get

When OEMs started moving away from removable batteries, many of us were…