Google Search is getting a redesign on mobile
The new Google Search design on mobile, which rolls out in the coming days, cuts down on shadows and colors to focus on useful information.
Edge pocketnow
Microsoft Edge gets a password generator and alerts for compromised credentials
Edge browser is getting an in-built password compromise alert system called Password Monitor that checks the dark web for leaked credentials.
mozilla firefox
Mozilla makes it easier to install extensions on the Firefox browser for Android
With v85.0 of the Firefox browser on Android, users will be able to install extensions directly from the (AMO) page.
Google Calendar pocketnow
Google Calendar gets an offline mode on the web, but only for Workspace customers
With offline mode in Google Calendar, you can only see past or future events, but you can’t add new ones, or access tasks and reminders.
facebook aat
Facebook upgrades AAT system that generates photo descriptions for visually impaired users
Facebook says that it has increased the number of ‘concepts’ that the AAT system can reliably identify in a photo by a factor of 10X.
Stop being naive when it comes to things like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.
Facebook is breaking promises about WhatsApp, as expected. Learn how to tell if your next messaging app is going to last or will eventually become horrible just like the others.
YouTube tests letting viewers buy products shown in a video
Viewers will be able to see a list of featured products by clicking the shopping bag icon that appears in a YouTube video.
blacklist xiaomi
US puts Xiaomi on military blacklist, bans American investment in the company
The United States government has put Chinese consumer electronics giant Xiaomi on…
snapchat permanently suspends donald trump
Snapchat permanently suspends Donald Trump’s account citing public safety concern
Snapchat recently stopped promoting Trump’s posts in Discover over material that was deemed harmful and posed a risk of inciting violence.
Facebook instagram suspend trump pocketnow
Facebook and Instagram suspend Donald Trump indefinitely
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has mentioned that the suspension of Trump’s account will remain in place for at least the next two weeks.
Twitter suspends Trump’s account, threatens a permanent ban for future violations
Twitter will permanently ban Trump from its platform if more repeated policy violations happen in the future from the account.
Twitter trump
[UPDATE] Twitter disables reply, likes, and retweets for Trump posts citing a risk of violence
Twitter is only allowing users to quote tweet Trump’s video right now, but is exploring other escalated enforcement actions too.
US President Donald Trump
US government bans transactions with eight Chinese apps including AliPay and WeChat Pay
The executive order goes into effect after 45 days, while Secretary of Commerce has been asked to find more apps that pose a security risk.
breakie AI recipe google
Google trained AI to make hybrid desserts. Go try these recipes and punish your taste buds
Google is calling these AI-generated hybrid desserts cakie (a mix of cake and cookie) and breakie (a fusion of bread and cookie). God help us!
Twitter breaker
Breaker – the podcast app with a social element – is now a part of Twitter
Twitter is banking on voice as a medium to push the boundaries of its platform and offering users an alternative way to express themselves.
Slack is down. Go take a nap as issues with non-loading threads and channels get fixed!
A widely used platform that connects teammates working remotely amidst a global pandemic is down. This is not a perfect start to 2021, Slack!
Microsoft solarwinds source code pocketnow
Microsoft reveals SolarWinds hackers gained access to its source code
Microsoft says viewing its source code doesn’t pose any risk elevation threat, as it already assumes attackers have knowledge of it.
Telegram ads channels pocketnow
Telegram will start pushing ads in channels starting next year
All the Telegram features that are currently free will continue to remain so, and that the platform will be free for users – FOREVER.
Facebook apple feud pocketnow
In ‘Privacy vs Business’ war with Apple, Facebook faces criticism from within
Facebook says the tussle is not about its own business model, but employees aren’t convinced about the stance taken when it comes to privacy.
Zoom’s ambitions expand to email and calendar service after pandemic surge: Report
Zoom has already started working on its email service, and it might enter a closed testing phase among a handful of users early next year.
smic dji entity list pocketnow
Drone maker DJI and Chinese chip giant SMIC added to US government’s Entity List
DJI is accused of enabling wide-scale human rights abuses, while SMIC has been targeted over its close ties with the Chinese military.
Twitter verification january pocketnow
Twitter’s verification program returns on January 20 with updated rules
Twitter will accept verification requests via a new self-serve application process that can be accessed from the Account Settings page.
HUAWEI introduces AppGallery promotion to support businesses hit by the pandemic
HUAWEI is also letting content providers keep 90% of the revenue generated from ad-click, a much higher share than what they get from rivals.
Gmail simplifies editing and collaborating on Office files sent as email attachment
Workspace users can now reply directly from within the file itself, rather than sending back the edited Office file with a separate email
How many servers is your phone connecting to?
Do you know how many internet servers your phone is connecting to at any given time? With an open-source app, there’s an easy way to tell (on Android).