paypal pinterest
PayPal could acquire Pinterest for $45 billion
This could be one of the biggest acquisitions of this year.
facebook novi cryptocurrency wallet
Facebook is finally testing its cryptocurrency wallet Novi
It is already drawing a lot of criticism from the Senators.
Facebook audio chat rooms pocketnow
Facebook could change its name this month
The change could come as soon as this week.
Apple’s own ad business grows by $5 billion amid App Tracking Transparency push
Apple made it harder for advertisers to track users’ app usage and recommend ads based on it with iOS 14.5’s app tracking transparency.
Twitter testing annoying ad strategy with ads in the replies
Seriously, Twitter?
google search
Google is rolling out endless search results on mobile
Displaying up to four pages at once.
Google Logo branding featured
Google Big Moments is how you could experience breaking news soon
Google’s answer to Twitter’s breaking news is here.
You’re not alone: Instagram is down in many parts of the world
Instagram is down again in many parts of the world, just a few days after it went down for over 6 hours.
youtube dislikes pocketnow
YouTube Rewind is gone for good
Did you really think YouTube was going to bring it back?
Twitter to encash its MoPub advertising business for over $1 billion
Twitter acquired MoPub in 2013 for one-third the price.
facebook newsletter
Facebook explains why its services were down for hours
“We have no evidence that user data was compromised”
youtube tv
NBC and YouTube TV could part ways if no agreement is reached this week
The deal between the two companies is set to expire on September 30, 2021.
Here’s how to download YouTube videos on desktop
It’s only for Premium users and that too very limited.
Jeff Bezos amazon
Amazon banned 600+ Chinese brands over review fraud, claims report
Noticed how some Chinese accessory makers are disappearing from Amazon? Well, this is why.
T-Mobile store featured
T-Mobile now offers same-day repair in 500 stores
T-Mobile today announced it would soon offer in-store same-day device repair services at 500 stores access the country, and there are additional added benefits.
leo satellites
What are LEO satellites, and why should you care about iPhone 13 low Earth orbit capabilities
In this piece, we explain what LEO satellites are, how do they work, and why iPhone 13 rumored satellite communication is a big deal.
hbo max
HBO Max is coming to Europe next month
Only to six countries, for now.
proton mail logo
ProtonMail under scrutiny after it shares activist’s IP address with authorities
ProtonMail, known for its end-to-end encrypted emailing service, is under harsh criticism…
Bitcoin featured image
This is the first country to officially adopt Bitcoin as a national currency
El Salvador has just become the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as an official currency. The new currency aims to bring more stability.
WhatsApp fined nearly $270 million for violating EU’s privacy rules
Not a good day for Facebook.
xiaomi ev car business
Xiaomi steps foot in EV business
EV’s the new hype train?
Google Assistant’s Quick Phrases will let you interact without saying “OK Google” hotword
No more shouting at your phone.
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 t-mobile
Hacker claims to have full data from 100M T-Mobile customers, carrier investigation underway
T-Mobile is investigating a forum post that claims to be selling personal information related to over 100 million customers.
google one vpn
Google One VPN is now available to users outside US
Google One VPN is coming to Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and more
YouTube testing ‘Premium Lite’, a cheaper tier without YouTube Music
YouTube is testing a more affordable Premium subscription in select European countries. It offers ad-free viewing but lacks YouTube Music.