Google will give employees $1,000 as an allowance to work from home
Aside from giving a $1,000 allowance, Google will also arrange virtual cooking and fitness lessons for employees working remotely.
Facebook renames its Calibra cryptocurrency wallet to Novi
The Novi digital wallet has been developed by Novi Financial, a subsidiary of Facebook that operates independently and is based in Menlo Park, California.
Blizzard cancels 2020’s BlizzCon gaming convention due to ongoing pandemic
Blizzard is looking to take the event – or a part of it – online, but it likely won’t happen until early next year.
YouTube app on Android tests showing Google Search results alongside relevant videos
You can directly open the suggested webpage or even check out the full Google Search results page, all within the YouTube app.
Zoom disables GIPHY integration in chat citing user privacy concerns
Zoom says it will restore GIPHY integration in chat after taking apt technical and security measures, but hasn’t revealed the issue behind these measures.
UK plans to end HUAWEI’s involvement in its 5G infrastructure by 2023
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing heat from Conservative MPs who want to reduce HUAWEI’s participation in the country’s 5G networks to zero by 2023.
Microsoft’s Edge browser finally lets you sync extensions
Extensions downloaded from both Microsoft and Chrome Store will be synced.
Instagram now lets you create Messenger Rooms for group video calls
You can create a Messenger Rooms video call group on Instagram Direct and can also make a link that you can share with your contacts.
Facebook’s vision of remote work looks like a sci-fi film overdosing on VR and AR
Facebook is well immersed in VR and AR, which is why it isn’t surprising to see its futuristic vision of remote work relying heavily on these technologies.
Facebook announces Workplace Rooms, a video conferencing solution for enterprises
Facebook says Workplace Rooms uses the same underlying technology as Messenger Rooms, but it is targeted at professionals.
Netflix will cancel the subscription of accounts that are long dormant
It often happens that you subscribe to a service, use it for…
Twitter’s new experiment will let you control who can reply to your tweets
Those who can’t reply to a tweet will still be able to view, like and retweet it.
Facebook launches Shops, an online marketplace for small businesses
A new live shopping feature is also being tested on Facebook and Instagram, and a dedicated Instagram Shop is also coming this summer.
Zuckerberg wary of China’s internet regulation model spreading, urges the West to counter it
Zuckerberg added that the China model is highly dangerous and urged for the creation of a framework that originates from “Western democratic countries”.
Reddit tests its own cryptocurrency to reward users for boosting engagement
Reddit’s cryptocurrency is called Community Points and it runs on the Ethereum network.
Netflix video quality will return to normal after COVID-19 measures
It seems that Netflix is starting to stream its content without downgrading its quality in several European countries
WhatsApp falls under scanner of India watchdog over antitrust allegations
A complaint alleges that WhatsApp is forcing its payments service on 400 million-plus users in India and that the company is abusing its market position.
Facebook buys GIPHY for $400 million, merges it with Instagram team
Facebook says it will offer deeper GIPHY integration into its family of apps in the foreseeable future, starting with Instagram.
Instagram Live videos can now last for over 24 hours by saving them to IGTV
Instagram now has a “Share to IGTV” option that will let users move live videos to IGTV in a jiffy.
Chrome will remove demanding ads that drain battery, data and system resources
Google will test the new ad behavior monitoring experiment on Chrome over the next few months before implementing it in August.
Apple confirms acquisition of virtual reality company NextVR
NextVR will reportedly assist Apple at developing its own AR and VR hardware, and also fine-tune its existing software products.
Uber makes wearing masks mandatory for riders and drivers
Violating the mask rule might result in losing access to Uber’s services for both riders and drivers starting May 18 and until the end of June.
Chrome is getting a tab grouping feature to make your browser life easier
Tab grouping on desktop is already available on Chrome Beta and will start rolling out on all platforms via the stable channel starting next week.
President Trump extends US trade ban on HUAWEI for another year
The executive order extends the ban on trade with – or usage of telecom equipment from – foreign companies deemed a security threat, which includes HUAWEI.
Apple to open a few retail stores in the US next week
Apple will enforce strict social distancing rules in those stores and only a limited number of customers will be allowed, so delays are to be expected.