Microsoft Edge Browser
These new features are coming to Microsoft Edge browser soon
Here is a list of new features that are coming to Microsoft Edge browser in the near future, including Tab Group and automatic translation.
How to Block Distracting Websites While you Work
BlockSite is a Chrome extension that lets users block specific types of websites while you’re working so you don’t waste time.
LinkedIn breach leaves 700 Million users exposed [Update]
LinkedIn was breached again. A new report tells us that more than 700 million users’ information was exposed online by another hacker and put up for sale.
How (and why) Email could become your favorite messaging system
Your email hatred is probably misplaced. The beauty of email is that you can modify it to do anything you want. There’s probably already an easy way to fix what you hate and turn it into a dream hot rod of internet messaging.
instagram hide likes
Hide Instagram and Facebook likes, and how popular you are. Like you have the guts!
Facebook – and Instagram – want you to focus more on the content rather than the number of likes it has garnered on each platform.
chrome pocketnow
Chrome now lets you link to a portion of text instead of the whole page
The feature is rolling out on Chrome for desktop and Android, and will soon be making its way to the iOS build of Google’s browser as well.
Instagram will let users decide if they want to show or hide like counts
Instagram is not the only platform that is experimenting with hidden likes, as parent company Facebook is also running a similar test.
fcc speed test app
Go ahead and tell FCC that your internet sucks with its new speed test app
The US FCC notes that data collected by its speed test app will help create a more granular internet speed map and close the digital divide.
linkedin leak
After Facebook, data of half a billion LinkedIn users put up for sale online: Report
The leaked data contains LinkedIn profile IDs and URLs, names, email address, mobile numbers, employment info, and social media profile links.
Facebook data of over half a billion users leaked. How to check if you were affected?
Were you among the 530+ million users whose Facebook account data was leaked? Here’s how to check, and what to do next in order to stay safe.
whatsapp migrate
At last, WhatsApp starts testing chat history migration between Android and iOS
WhatsApp will reportedly enable chat history migration between Android and iOS once the upcoming multi-device support tool is released.
Personal data of over half a billion Facebook users leaked online publicly
The leaked data of over 533 million Facebook users includes phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and job information to name a few.
Facebook makes News Feed less frustrating with a bunch of new features
Facebook has announced a bunch of new features that aim to enhance…
youtube dislikes pocketnow
Two years later, YouTube has finally made up its mind about dislikes
YouTube is doing an experiment by hiding the number of dislikes accumulated by a video for a small bunch of users.
Slack is getting Clubhouse-like audio chatrooms, and I absolutely don’t want it!
Good artists copy, great artists steal, said Slack CEO about plans of aping Clubhouse, in a chatroom with the buzzy app’s CEO Paul Davison.
reactions twitter pocketnow
Twitter is experimenting with emoji reactions and downvotes. Let the furor begin!
Downvote / dislike button on Twitter will become another measure of social media acceptance and popularity that will lead to undue stress.
Slack now lets you message people outside your company too
Slack Connect DM allows users from up to 20 different organizations to communicate with each other in the same space.
Facebook audio chat rooms pocketnow
Facebook’s upcoming audio chatroom is just Rooms without a video feed
Facebook is building its Clubhouse rival on the foundation of Rooms, which allows users to do a live group video chat with up to 50 people.
twitter unsend tweet pocketnow
Twitter might let you unsend a tweet if you pay a subscription fee
An unsend tweet (or ‘Undo Send’ a tweet) feature might be one of the many features offered by a paid tier of Twitter.
Google’s ThreadIt tool lets you record short videos to avoid live meetings
ThreadIt can stitch multiple short videos that can be shared as a link, without the hassle of having to download them.
youtube pocketnow
YouTube will flag copyright issues or ad penalty even before a video is uploaded
The new Checks tool on YouTube takes 3 minutes to find copyright issues, and an extra minute to assess content suitability for ads.
Facebook details harsher steps to make Groups safer and less toxic
Facebook will downrank groups in recommendations if they violate guidelines, and will also reduce the privilege of members too.
wikimedia big tech pocketnow
At last, Wikipedia asks tech giants to pay for solving their own problems
Wikimedia Enterprise will improve the speed, reliability, and consistency with which big tech can extract and reuse Wikimedia’s content.
facebook newsletter
Facebook announces a publishing platform for independent writers, Hello, newsletters!
Facebook will offer a ton of tools ranging from customization, audience reach – and of course – monetization, on its publishing platform.
pocketnow edge
Microsoft Edge will get updates more frequently, just like Chrome’s 4-week cycle
The 4-week update cycle for Microsoft Edge begins with v94 that will be released via the stable channel in the week of September 23, 2021.