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These are the biggest PC manufacturers in Q2 2021
A report was posted today that analyzed the global PC sales for Q2 2021. It includes a number of devices and mentions the biggest PC manufacturers.
New Right to Repair legislation FINALLY introduced in the House
A new legislation was introduced in the US House, it could force…
xiaomi investment ban
Xiaomi to be removed from U.S. blacklist, it seems
Xiaomi was previously designated as a “Chinese Communist Military Company,” which the company vehemently refuted
CES las vegas 2022
CES returns as an in-person event in Las Vegas next year
Media Days at CES 2022 start on Jan. 3 and go through Jan. 4, while the main event will begin on Jan. 5 and concludes on Jan. 8, 2022.
IFA 2020
IFA 2021 to be a ‘full-scale’ in-person event in September
IFA Berlin is set to take place as a full-scale real-life event from 3-7 September 2021.
xiaomi investment ban
Xiaomi prevails as court blocks US government bid seeking an investment ban
A federal court has blocked the US government’s bid to put an investment ban on Xiaomi, with the company likely getting permanent relief soon
Xiaomi got blacklisted by US government partly over an award received by its founder
Another reason that landed Xiaomi in hot waters was the company’s plan to invest around $7.7 billion for the development of 5G and AI tech.
mwc21 gsma
GSMA planning in-person MWC21 in Barcelona with a ton of protocols in place
Protocols proposed by GSMA for an in-person MWC21 include mandatory negative COVID-19 tests, contact tracing, infrastrucure upgrade, etc.
oneplus 8T cameras
OnePlus was the only brand to grow in the US market in a pandemic-hit 2020
As per a Counterpoint Research report, OnePlus actually saw its channel presence and overall size grow by an impressive 163% on a YoY basis.
Xiaomi is suing the US government after being put on military blacklist
Xiaomi has called being put on the military blacklist unconstitutional, a move that seeks to force US investors to divest by November 2021.