These 6 safety features are coming to your Android this summer
Google says it is prioritizing launching Earthquake Alerts in countries with higher earthquake risks.
Amazon Luna gaming service
Amazon Luna gaming service is available to everyone starting Prime Day
Amazon launched its Luna gaming service last year, but it’s been an…
2021 Apple Design Award winners
Here is the list of 2021 Apple Design Award winners
This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we’ve come to expect from a great app experience, says Apple.
iOS 15: everything you need to know featured
FaceTime will nudge you to unmute yourself while speaking on iOS 15
t seems like Apple wants FaceTime to compete with other video conferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet.
TikTok sale
President Biden revokes ban on TikTok and WeChat
President Joe Biden had revoked a number of executive orders from former…
Samsung SmartThings has a new design interface
Samsung SmartThings has a new design interface
Samsung today has announced an entirely new, redesigned user interface for it’s…
Apple Wallet
Apple wants you to leave your keys and ID at home
Car Keys were the first to be supported through UWB, which ship later this year. Apple Wallet will soon support House keys and Work keys.
Messages becomes more social with a slew of new features
Check out the latest upgrades coming to Apple’s Messages app, where you will be able to share more with your contacts
FaceTime Links
Wow, FaceTime now works on Android, sort of..
Apple FaceTime is also getting some other updates, including Tiles view, which will allow users to see everyone’s reaction with visual cues.
YouTube comments could distract you from content
YouTube has gone through a number of changes over the years on both mobile and on the web. The latest change includes tweaks to the comments section that allows users to view them, even when watching videos on full-screen, in landscape mode.
Twitter super follows
Here’s our first look at Twitter Super Follows
Wong also revealed a list of content categories for Super Follows that users would be allowed to choose from to describe their content.
TikTok sale
TikTok is really bad with privacy: how it collects face and voice data
Check out the latest changes to TikTok’s privacy policy that will now allow it to collect biometric data from its users
Twitter wants your focus on Spaces with a new tab dead center
The report further says that you will no longer see Spaces at the top of the timeline, which displays Fleets.
Twitter Blue
Twitter Blue subscription service starts rolling out
Twitter Blue subscribers will also get access to perks like customizable app icons for their device’s home screen and fun color themes.
Major changes to iMessage are coming soon
It seems that WWDC 2021 will be packed with surprises, where we expect to get several new features in iMessage and more
AirTags updated to no longer be able to stalk you
Apple has recently made some changes to the way your AirTags work with the latest firmware update, chech out what’s new.
whatsapp policy change
WhatsApp confirms it will soon rollout multi-device support
WhatsApp will also be expanding its disappearing messages feature, which currently allows messages to be deleted after a set period of time.
google tv kids profiles
Google TV could get support for multiple user profile recommendations soon
The latest Google TV app, version 1.0.370 comes with early preparations for full support for profiles on the home screen.
Here are the best Google Photos alternatives you should try
Now that you have to pay to store your media online, why not look for the best options available?
Spotify legal head explains why he thinks Apple is a ‘monopolist’ and ‘ruthless bully’
Spotify legal head Horacio Gutierrez has dished out on how Apple chokes the competition and exhibits unrestrained use of power.
google photos pocketnow
In case you forgot, Google Photos is no longer free starting today
Starting today – that is June 1 – Google Photos no longer offers free cloud storage for your pictures and videos.
I dropped Google Photos for Plex
Google Photos’ free compressed unlimited cloud storage is no more. Maybe I should use Plex for my mobile photo management instead? Let’s see how that turns out.
Apple Podcasts
Apple Podcasts subscription isn’t coming till June
It is said that the delay in launch is caused because Apple Podcasts creators have run into some issues recently.
chrome update
Google makes its Chrome browser 23% faster
The post about the update also notes that this change should improve Chrome’s performance on the Apple M1 chip.
Digital Wellpaper
OnePlus announces Digital Wellpaper, a digital wellbeing-focused live wallpaper
OnePlus’ Digital Wellpaper takes the many different apps on your smartphone and simplifies them into six categories.