CAT B15 vs. every waterproof phone we have (Video)

Just because we’re not reviewing the CAT B15 doesn’t mean we’re not trying to squeeze some knowledge from its unyielding aluminum-and-plastic chassis. We’ve already shown you what comes in the box alongside the $349 Android smartphone; now it’s time to see how the oddball from Caterpillar stacks up against the competition in the U.S. waterproof-smartphone space.

That means we’re putting it head-to-head with the Galaxy S 4 Active from Samsung, whose review was received enthusiastically by our readership last month, and the Kyocera Torque for Sprint, which we repeatedly threw in the snow and the sink back in the wintertime.

Even devices we haven’t had in the office for a while get some representation in this video, thanks to the magic of stock footage: our brief flirtation with the Samsung Rugby Pro on AT&T is recalled for comparison purposes, as is some footage from Taylor Martin’s review of the waterproof (but probably not at all rugged) Sony Xperia Z.

All that, plus the spectre of review units being thrown in the Charles River, await you in the video below – so what’re you waiting for? Click on and see how the CAT B15 stacks up against its rugged competition in the American smartphone space, and see if it’s worth you shelling out a few Benjamins for the smartphone built branded by everyone’s favorite diesel-engine maker.


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