Our quaint little obsession with Casio has come to a head as the Android Wear watch we’ve been waiting for quite a while from the legacy electronics¬†manufacturer is finally out. And while they all have the same insides for the same price, what’s on the outside will depend on where you buy this watch from.

The sexy-sounding WSD-F10, otherwise known in English as the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, is available for just about $500. Four outlets are selling them in the following colors:

  • Casio is selling them in Black and Orange
  • The Google Store is selling them in Orange and Olive
  • Amazon has an exclusive on the Red version
  • REI only has the Black one

All of them are doing free shipping, so that little inconvenience is off the table for such an intense smartwatch. But hey, if you’re going to buy an Android Wear device that has a MIL Spec build and a ton of environmental and health sensors (oddly, not a heart rate sensor), well, maybe that wouldn’t have made such a difference anyways.

Source: Casio, Google Store, Amazon, REI
Via: PhoneDog

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