While owners of a frustratingly large number of past-generation Android Wear devices continue to be kept waiting for their long overdue 2.0 software updates, more and more new wave smartwatches become available, at least stateside.

Following in the footsteps of LG’s Watch Sport and Style, as well as the Huawei Watch 2, Casio’s second-gen “Smart Outdoor Watch” has just started shipping from both the manufacturer’s official e-store and Amazon.

This one ain’t cheap, at a whopping $500 in black or orange, although it’s pretty obvious what you’re getting off the bat. Namely, a rugged, outdoorsy design, made to resist 50 meter swims, drops and medium abuse, built-in GPS for constant location tracking, a large, almost surprisingly sharp 1.32-inch Color TFT LCD screen with 320 x 300 pixels resolution, and all the sensors the wearable needs to keep up with your active life.

Digital compass, altimeter, barometer, gyrometer, accelerometer, even a water-resistant microphone, they’re all there on the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20. Not too thick or heavy, at 15.3mm and 92 grams respectively, this bad boy also touts a battery life of “more than a day” in “normal use” sans GPS, or “up to 25 hours” with the high-precision connectivity option turned on in battery priority mode.

Overall, $500 still feels a little steep, but it’s not like gadget-loving athletes have many other Android Wear 2.0-powered alternatives at the moment.

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