iPhone 5 Back Fully Revealed in Case-Mate Leak? (Image)

Update: We’ve come across one more picture of an iPhone 5 case, and this time the semi-transparent materials give us a full-on look at the the smartphone’s back. Check her out above.

The folks at Apple must be getting at least a little amusement over watching us pounce on each new rumor about the next iPhone’s design; massive re-engineering, mostly the same, thin-and-tapered, huge screen, powered by steam… it’s hard to sort out the fact from the fiction. Even as we near the smartphone’s reveal, we’re still having to consider and reconsider all the options that have been put forward. Earlier today, we got a look at a screen protector that offered some insight into what the front of the iPhone 5 may look like, and now we turn our attention, quite literally, to the phone’s back, with some new images of case designs surfacing.

Case-Mate released a series of renders showing off some different designs. One thing they have in common, though, is portraying the iPhone 5 as having the sloping edges and curved back we’ve heard rumored before; this is in stark contrast to rumors that any changes to the smartphone from the iPhone 4 would be largely internal.

The company seems convinced we’re getting both an iPhone 5 and a 4S, so it’s entirely possible that the iPhone-4-looking model we’ve heard mentioned so often is just the 4S. While we may still be in the dark, Case-Mate seems very sure about the iPhone 5’s dimensions, and this late in the game we’ve got to start considering that at least one of the case design’s we’ve seen is right on the money. Does Case-Mate have it correct? We should be finding out in the next few weeks.

iphone5 case shots

Source: Case-Mate

Via: BGR

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