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Zeiss Smart Optics Hands-On (Video)

By Jules Wang January 8, 2016, 8:01 pm

These smart glasses will not get you kicked out of a theater. At least immediately.

Carl Zeiss makes glass for cameras big and small (think Lumia) and has been doing so for time eternal. But it’s 2016 and in the world of interconnected thingamajiggers with the slow-moving elephant of Google Glass, there’s no more getting by just making glasses anymore. You have to innovate.

That means being able to project apps and augmented reality elements to the glasses and then — this one’s important — make sure that the technology you use to do all of that with can be used on any pair of glasses. Yep, that includes prescription lenses.

And so, Zeiss has come up with some Smart Optics and we got our eyeballs on it. Have a look for yourself.

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