Carl Pei shuts down wild OnePlus X2 rumors, stressing fake news is bad

Smartphone-making companies don’t typically tackle speculation over unreleased devices, except to occasionally say they don’t comment on gossip of that sort or perhaps issue some vague statement about their commitment to systematically improve product portfolios.

Of course, there’s nothing “typical” about the way OnePlus communicates with the public or how the Chinese OEM sometimes conducts controversial ad campaigns. And although the news of a prospective sequel to the once-beloved X mid-ranger meant loads of free publicity and a significant brand awareness boost, the always outspoken Carl Pei chose to rapidly set the record straight.

The OnePlus co-founder thinks “fake news is a huge threat to human civilization”, and that we should “all do our part in stopping it.” His part today is saying a clear, definitive “nope” on Twitter to idle OnePlus X2 speculation calling for an impending mid-end 5.5-incher with a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio and “leftover” Snapdragon 835 inventory.

That’s absolutely not happening, according to Pei, as should have been obvious since 2016, when OnePlus announced it would focus on one “true flagship family” going forward, and nothing else.

The tragic thing about the original OnePlus X is still that it never received a Nougat software update, but that’s an entirely different story. What’s important to keep in mind today is that OnePlus will not tolerate fake news, no matter how innocent it may seem. The company doesn’t appear to have any intention of releasing smaller phones in the near future either, as Pei jokingly encouraged a Twitter follower to “grow bigger hands” if screen size is a problem.

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