Cardboard VR viewers are now up for grabs from four more Google Stores

While waiting for an exciting next-gen Cardboard headset full of sensors and a way more powerful standalone Google VR viewer, both of which could see daylight at the I/O conference in a week or so, you’re free to experiment with the immersive technology for a crazy low price in more countries than ever.

And you’re even officially supported by the search giant now in Canada, UK, France and Germany, a few months after the US Google Store debut of the original Cardboard. Of course, these super-basic, humble devices (if we can call them that in the first place) were initially launched in June 2014, and managed to surpass 5 million shipments by January 2016 with the help of many third-party retailers around the world.

If you’re still looking for a lower-cost alternative to the Samsung Gear VR with over 1,000 compatible virtual reality applications, Big G sells the Cardboard up north through its e-store for CAD 20 (USD 15).

Meanwhile, on British shores, the smartphone-enabled VR headset sets you back £15 ($22) a pop, and finally, the French and German branches of the Google Store charge €20 ($23) each for the chance to try out the most entrancing games and, well, porn.

Alternatively, if you want a backup in the likely case the primary viewer breaks, or thinking of a nice little gift for a tech-savvy relative or friend, packs of two units are available at the discounted prices of CAD 35, GBP 25, and EUR 30.

Source: Google Plus
Via: Android Central

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